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Bill Would Ban Smoking at all Federal Buildings

By November 16, 2011

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Young Smokers in Boston A bill just introduced by U.S. Rep. Susan Davis (D-California), would ban smoking anywhere inside and within 25 feet of all facilities owned or leased by the federal government.

Rep. Davis' bill, H.R.3382 - the Smoke-Free Federal Buildings Act, would also prohibit and order the removal of any designated smoking areas inside or just outside of all federal properties.

An executive order issued by President Clinton in 1997, banned smoking in most federal buildings, but allowed for the establishment of smoking areas.

"President Clinton's Order was a great first step," Davis said in a press release. "But it's time to take the next step and eliminate all smoking in federal buildings. Despite setting aside certain areas for smoking, we know that people still get exposed to secondhand smoke."

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If passed, the law would apply only to buildings controlled by executive branch agencies. Smoking would be banned inside or within 25 feet of the building itself and all courtyards, areas used for children's playgrounds, and accessory structures. The law would not apply to Congressional office buildings or to U.S. military installations located outside the United States.

"Exposure to secondhand smoke is a serious health issue that drives up health care costs for all of us," Davis said in a press release. "Federal workers should be able to work in a healthy, smoke-free environment."

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November 22, 2011 at 10:28 am
(1) Normie says:

Why doesn’t everyone just mind their own dang business about smoking and just let people make up their own minds whether or not to smoke! Get off this “bandwagon”! All of our “rights” are being taken away from us slowly and I’m really sick and tired of it! If you smoke, you offend people! Well, how about their drinking offending me and killing me??? or how about their foul language!!?? that offends me, but is anything being done about that?? NO!!! So get off my case and let me live MY life! and if I have to go outside to a designated are, the so be it!

November 29, 2011 at 2:44 pm
(2) aunt peg says:

Normie, I agree completely. The law must be that If you are not allowed to smoke at a given location then you are not allowed to drink OR TO EVEN HAVE INTOXICATING BEVERAGES PRESENT AT THE SITE! For the record, I am a NON-Smoker.

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