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Happy New Year to All 315.9 Million of Us

By January 1, 2013

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Whether teetering on the top or laying in a pile at the bottom of the fiscal cliff, at least 315,091,138 people were living the American Dream as of January 1, 2013, according to the latest population projection from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Though predicting slower growth in the future, the Census Bureau noted that its 315,091,138 January 1, 2013 population projection reflects an increase of 2,272,462 people, or 0.73%, from New Year's Day 2012 and an increase of 6,343,630, or 2.05%, since April 1, 2010, the most recent Census Day.

The basis of the Census Bureau's population projections remains unchanged from 2012. The overall U.S. population projections for 2013 assume one birth every 8 seconds, one death every 12 seconds, and one new international immigrant every 43 seconds, resulting in a net gain of one person every 16 seconds.

In December 2012, the Census Bureau predicted that the nation's population would grow more slowly over the next 50 years, resulting in a population that is older and more diverse than in 2012. By 2060, the Census projects that over 1 in 5 U.S. residents will be over 65, compared to about 1 in 7 today.

According to its latest revised estimates, the Census Bureau projects a total us population of about 399.8 million by 2050, compared to its 2008 projection of 439.0 million.

"The new series of projections incorporates data that are more recent on births, deaths, and net international migration," stated the Census Bureau on its Random Samplings blog. "Fertility and international migration have declined in recent years. The annual number of births in the United States has been declining since 2008, while the number of net international migrants began to decline after 2001."

"With thy prairies wide and free," North Dakota is Booming: By the way, the fastest growing state in the nation from July 1, 2011, to July 1, 2012, for once was not Texas, Wyoming or Nevada, but North Dakota. North Dakota's 2.17% rate of growth was fastest of any state during the period and was nearly three times faster than the nation as a whole, according to Census Bureau.

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