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Al Gore:
Creator of the Internet?

Guide Special
Dateline: March 13, 1999

Just for the record...

During this CNN interview of March 9, 1999, CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer asked Vice President Al Gore what qualities set him (Gore) apart from Bill Bradley, one of Gore's potential rivals for the 2000 Democratic Presidential nomination. (transcript of full question and answer)

As part of his response, Vice President Gore offered that "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. "

Perhaps Vice President Gore meant "promoting the Internet." because he has certainly done that. But according to the Public Broadcasting Service's "Net Timeline," the "creation" of the Internet happened between 1962 - 1969 when the Department of Defense came up with ARPA - Advanced Research Project Agency - and its small computer network called ARPANET. Vice President Gore served in the House of Representatives from 1977 - 1985 and in the Senate from 1985 - 1993.

While he may not have "created" it, Vice President Gore has supported and promoted the Internet. He was one of the first government officials to have a personal Web site and coined the phrase "information superhighway." In 1991, then Senator Gore authored the "High Performance Computing and Communications Act." As Vice President, Mr. Gore has promoted the expansion of Internet commerce and taken on Internet security and privacy issues.

Partial Transcript of CNN Interview
BLITZER: "Why should Democrats, looks at the Democratic nomination, the process, support you instead of Bill Bradley -- a friend of yours, a former colleague in the Senate -- what do you have to bring to this that he doesn't necessarily bring to this process?"

GORE: "Well, I will -- I'll be offering my vision when my campaign begins, and it'll be comprehensive and sweeping, and I hope that it'll be compelling enough to draw people toward it. I feel that it will be. But it will emerge from my dialogue with the American people. I've traveled to every part of this country during the last six years. During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. "

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