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About Gun Control

Articles and resources on the gun control issue from About Guides.

Child Gun Deaths Continue to Decline
A report from the CDC shows the number of children per day killed by gunfire has dropped from 16 to 10 since 1994. Crediting laws like the Brady Act and tougher enforcement as the reason, President Clinton pushes for passage of even more gun laws. From your About Guide.

House Considers Gun Control Legislation
Congress considers a "common sense" gun control law requiring trigger locks with all guns and Brady Act background checks at gun shows. From your About Guide.

Brady Act Background Checks: The First Seven Months
Usually in under 2 minutes, a gun dealer can check a buyer for a criminal history as required by the Brady Act. What are the potential results and how well has the system been working? From your About Guide.

Gun Control Laws: Where Does Congress Get the Right?
The gun lobby fights gun control laws in Congress, but never in the Supreme Court. One landmark case from 1939 is the reason. From your About Guide.

Gun Control Laws in Canada
In Canada, all gun owners must be licensed and all guns registered. Canadian statistics indicate their laws work. Is this a glimpse into the future of U.S. gun control? From your About Guide.

Gun Control Online Debate  
Read or join in a free online forum dedicated to the gun control issue hosted by your About Guide.

Gun Control Resource Links
Links to more articles and features related to the gun control issue compiled by your About Guide.

Canadian gun control challenged in Supreme Court
Canada's gun control law faces a Supreme Court challenge from gun control opponents. From Canada Online Guide Susan Munroe.

Liberal Views on Gun Control
How the political left views the gun control issue. From About Guide Karen O'Brien.

Gun Rights: Advocacy and Commentary
The very best in links about advocacy and commentary on gun rights, from your About Guide to Civil Liberties J.D. Tuccille.

Guns & Gun Crimes
Related links from one of the most interesting sites on the Web, Guide Bill Bickel's Crime and Punishment.

Kids and Guns - Kids' Exchange
Do you have a gun in our home? Do you feel safer or less safe?

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