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Homework Help: Government - Civics

How was your summer? That's nice. Now name the agencies and heads of the president's cabinet.

Here are some resources to help with some of the most often asked homework questions and report subjects about U.S. Government, the president and the president's cabinet, the Constitution, Congress, the Supreme Court,  the political system and much more.


The Presidency
Congress - Legislative System
Supreme Court - Judicial System
U.S. Constitution
Political System - Voting
Federal Budget Process

The Presidency

The President's Cabinet
Here they are -- the 14 agencies of the President's Cabinet -- listed in order of Presidential Succession with links to each agency Web site, the Secretary's biography and how to contact the agency directly. Also, where the term "cabinet" comes from and more answers to more questions.

Presidential Succession
Should the President die, resign or be impeached, the Vice President takes over. But, who comes after the VP? How do they pick a new vice president?

About the Presidential Power to Pardon
Where does the president get the power to pardon criminals? Are there limits to this power? [See also: Legal Guidelines for Presidential Pardons]

Presidential Paycheck
Learn about the salary and other benefits paid to the President. Includes a Presidential pay raise history and comparison of the President's pay to that of other US politicians.

Electoral College System 
It is possible for a presidential candidate to lose the nationwide popular vote, but still be elected. Learn how the Electoral College system works and why the Founding Fathers created it.

Impeachment: Removing the President 
Other than waging war, no government process can be more traumatic than impeachment. Learn what the Constitution says about removing the President and how the process works.

White House Press Releases  
A quick and handy page for finding documents released by the White House for the last week, month, or year.

Presidential Libraries 
America's Presidential libraries are a treasure of information, much of it available online.

More Presidential Resources 
Links to even more articles on the presidency, plus links to sites with presidential biographies, history and much more.

Congress - the Legislative System

How Bills Become Laws - or Not
From introduction to presidential signature or veto, a simple step-by-step description of the legislative process 

Congress Today 
Find out what bills Congress is working with daily agendas, votes and activities of the House and Senate, plus loads of information on the legislative system. Also features a search tool for tracking bills in Congress.

Letters to Congress 
A handwritten letter is still the best way to get your point across to politicians. Tips for writing effective letters to elected officials.

Salaries and Benefits of U.S. Congress 
How much do Members of Congress make? Do they pay Social Security? Do they draw retirement? From your About.com Guide.

More Congressional Resources
More links and stories to help you out.

Supreme Court / Judicial Branch

All About the Supreme Court
Here you'll learn about the history, authority, procedures and makeup of the Supreme Court, as well as reports of current cases and major decisions of the High Court. Also includes links for researching the "landmark" or historic decisions of the Supreme Court.

Government, Religion and the Supreme Court
A compilation of articles by About Guides on the Supreme Court's interpretations of the Constitution in regards to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment -- "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,"

Church and State: How the Court Decides 
The Court applies these three "tests" to religious practices when deciding their constitutionality under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Miranda: Rights of Silence
How did we gained the "...right to remain silent?" Read about the historic Supreme Court decision in the darkly ironic case of Ernesto Miranda.

Understanding the U.S. Federal Court System, by Paul Reed
From the Supreme Court to the District Courts and all courts in between, Guide to the law Paul S. Reed offers a detailed 32-page guide to the U.S. court system.

More Federal Court System Resources
Dozens of additional stories about and links to all areas of the federal judiciary system.

U.S. Constitution

Text of the Constitution
Pure and simple -- the entire text of the United States Constitution with the Bill of Rights, other amendments and signers.

The Federalist Papers
The 85 Federalist Papers were written between October 1787 and May 1788 by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. Through publishing them, the authors hoped to both explain the new Constitution to the people of America and to garner their support for it.

The Six 'Constitutional' Commandments 
The Supreme Court would throw out a law allowing schools to post the Ten Commandments. But, the last six Commandments are clearly constitutionally clean by Court standards.

On the Second Amendment 
It's not about gun control, you know? The 2nd Amendment plays a much more important role in protecting our freedom.

About Gun Control
Articles on the issue of gun control, the Second Amendment, and gun owner's rights from several of your About Guides.

Miranda: Rights of Silence
How did we gained the "...right to remain silent?" Read about the historic Supreme Court decision in the darkly ironic case of Ernesto Miranda.

More Constitutional Resources
Links to sites dealing with the history and interpretation of the Constitution, plus much more information.

Political System - Voting

Political Parties
Links to the Web sites and committees of the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as many third parties.

Why Third Parties? 
America's third political parties have historically promoted concepts and policies that have succeeded in becoming incorporated as important parts of our social and political lives. 

Electoral College System 
It is possible for a presidential candidate to lose the nationwide popular vote, but still be elected. Learn how the Electoral College system works and why the Founding Fathers created it.

Federal Campaign Contribution Laws
By November of 1999 the twelve top candidates for President 2000 had raised over $144 million. Find out how much you can legally contribute to the candidate of your choice.

Online Voting: Has its Time Finally Come?
Amid fears of fraud and lack a privacy, two states prepare to use official online voting for the first time in their 2000 presidential primaries.

Voter Information Resources 
Resources for making informed decisions before you pull the lever.

Election 2000: Process, Politics and Issues
All about the 2000, or just about any other national election process.

Conservative Politics
In the right corner of the political ring, Guide Ted Gausmann provides these great resources for explaining conservatism.

Liberal Politics
On the other -- or left -- hand, what is liberalism?

Libertarian Politics
While you will find liberals and conservatives in all political parties, Libertarians not only have their own party, their ideology and theory of the roll of government in our private lives is unique. In fact, many political scholars find that aspects of Libertarianism best represent the original beliefs of America's Founding Fathers. Learn more on our Libertarianism Site.

US Politics Site on About
Believe it or not, politics and government are not the same thing. Nowhere in the Constitution will you find the word "party." Fortunately, About Guide John Aravosis is a veteran of Washington politics and his site has all the answers.

Federal Budget Process

The Yearly Federal Budget Process
Preparing and approving America's budget is one of the most important and difficult jobs of the President and Congress. How does it all come together?

Government Shutdown?
If Congress and the President have not worked out a budget by Oct. 1 of each year, the result can be the temporary shutdown of some or all federal government functions. It has happened before. Learn more about this pretty scary economic scenario.

Status of the Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Bills
The "guts" of the federal budget are contained in 13 spending or "appropriations" bills that must be considered and approved by Congress and the President every year. Find out how this year's spending bills are doing.


Government Web Site Index
Links to literally hundreds of federal agencies, bureaus and offices, plus links to state government Web site indexes.

The Federal Reserve System
With Alan Greenspan at the helm, they chart the course of economy. Read about the history, organization, and function of the Federal Reserve banking system.

The Freedom of Information Act: How to Request Information
This 1966 Act changed our access to government information from a "need to know" to "right to know" situation. Find out how to request government information here.

Government Toll Free Phone Numbers
You can get lots of answers simply by calling the government and it won't cost you a cent. Here are hundreds of government information and "hot" lines.

Antitrust Violations: How to Detect and Report Them
It's what got Microsoft in trouble, but these crimes are far more common than most people realize and hurt both consumers and business owners. Learn how to protect yourself.

More Homework Help on About
Name your subject. Chances are, we have somebody who can help you here. Prepare to be amazed.

Express Your Opinions - Exercise Your Rights

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Job Openings - Federal Government
Links to vacancy announcements at dozens of agencies and military branches.

Job Openings - State Governments
Links to vacancy announcements from all states and D.C.

Government Money and Aid - No Grant Needed
Where to find help with: Small Business Needs, Healthcare, Work or Career, Home Improvements, Hunger and Child Care or Family Needs. In most cases, you do not need a grant to get assistance from a government program.

In Congress Today
The daily schedules of House and Senate, major legislation, votes and more.

Huge Index of Government Web Sites
One of the largest lists of agencies, bureaus and offices on the Web.

E-Government! Online Government Services
From adopting wild horses to buying T-bills and bonds, the US Government is working to make more an more of its services available to Internet users. Try out E-Government now.

Supreme Court Report
Find out about recent decisions and major cases now being considered by the Supreme Court. Includes links to texts of Court decisions and analysis by many of your About.com Guides and other major media sources.

How to... 
...do lots of things involving the U.S. Government.

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