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Real Property (houses, land, apartments and commercial buildings, farms and ranches, etc.)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
All types of residential (single - multifamily), commercial and industrial properties. You can specifically search for properties by city, state, type, or price range.

General Services Administration (GSA)
All varieties of residences, commercial buildings, land and agricultural properties. Pictures of most properties. Features Online Auctions in six regions and Four methods of closing a sale.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Probably the best-known and widely used government home buyer program. If you think you want to buy a HUD home, you need to contact a real estate broker in your area who is authorized to sell HUD homes (most are). Your broker will submit a bid for you. See: How You Can Buy A HUD Home

Internal Revenue Services (IRS)
All types of property seized or acquired for nonpayment of internal revenue taxes. Most properties are sold by closed bid. See each property listing for details of sale.

Small Business Administration (SBA)
Property ranges from real estate - commercial property, single family homes, vacant land and farms - to personal property such as machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures and inventory. The property list contains a SBA Office, as well as a contact person. For more information, call the listed contact person.

US Army Corps of Engineers
To inspect a property or submit an offer, contact the real estate agent of your choice or the point of contact listed on the property.

US Customs Service
Seized real estate sold by public auction. You do not need a real estate broker to bid. Rarely lists lots of properties, but a large picture and complete bidding details are shown for each listing.

Federal Land for Sale

Bureau of Land Management: Land Sales and Disposals
The BLM does not offer much land for sale because of a Congressional mandate in 1976 to retain these lands. The BLM occasionally sells parcels of land under certain conditions, such as the Las Vegas area of Southern Nevada. The lands are generally rural woodland, grassland, or desert. There is no longer a "homesteading" program. See: State BLM Offices

Interior, Federal Land Patents
Provides live database access to Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States. Image access is provided to more than two million Federal land title records for Eastern Public Land States, issued between 1820 and 1908.

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