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Supreme Court - Government & Religion

A compilation of articles by About Guides on the Supreme Court's interpretations of the Constitution in regards to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment -- "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,"

Reading the Constitution
Is the Constitution a fixed text with fixed meanings, or a "living" document with meanings that change to reflect social needs and situations over time? Thought provoking analysis by Guide to Atheism Austin Cline.

Public Schools Don't Have a Prayer
American public school students can still -- under certain specific conditions -- pray at school, but the opportunities to do so are dwindling fast. Find out how and why our schools went from a prayer-a-day to no prayers at all since 1962. From your About Guide.

The Six 'Constitutional' Commandments
The Supreme Court would throw out a law allowing schools to post the Ten Commandments. But, the last six Commandments are clearly constitutionally clean by Court standards. What did the Founding Fathers say about religion and government?  From your About Guide.

Separating Church and State
A look at current and past legislation and laws involving school prayer and the posting of the Ten Commandments in public schools. From your About Guide.

Church and State: How the Court Decides
The Court applies these three "tests" to religious practices when deciding their constitutionality under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. From your About Guide.

Justices Restrict Religious Freedom
Does the Constitution explicitly mandate separation of church and state? The original meaning of the Establishment Clause has been debated furiously in recent generations due to judicial activism that spawned the freedom-from-religion movement. A great in-depth analysis by Conservative Politics Guide Ted Gausmann.

  School Prayer Case: Cutting to the Chase; Anticipating the Inevitable
The U.S. Supreme Court gives short shrift to the efforts of a public school district trying to find a way to establish a prayer ceremony at school football games. Analysis by Law Guide Paul S. Reed.

Like a Prayer  
Injecting itself into the eternally tangled debate over the separation of church and state, the Supreme Court has ruled that one public high school district's use of "invocations" or "benedictions" before football games is unconstitutional. From US News Guide Clare Saliba. 

U.S. House: Church and State Not So Separate
A new juvenile crime bill passed by the House has included amendments encouraging religious displays in public schools, from Paul S. Reed your About Guide to Law.

Church and State Resources
Links to resources devoted to the study and preservation of the "Establishment Clause" form Liberal Views Guide Karen O'Brien.

Church and State Collide in Public Schools
Multi-part look at religious freedom and public schools, from Tammy Todd your About Guide to Alternative Religions.

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Reference Links

 Supreme Court Report
Find out about recent decisions and major cases now being considered by the Supreme Court. Includes links to texts of Court decisions and analysis by many of your About.com Guides and other major media sources.

Supreme / Federal Court Resources
Articles and Web links to information on the Supreme Court and other U.S. Federal Courts. From your About Guide.

A Day in the Supreme Court
Learn about the operations of the Supreme Court. When do they meet? How are cases presented? How do they vote? From your About Guide.

Understanding the Federal Court System 
From the Supreme Court to the District Courts and all courts in between, Guide to the law Paul S. Reed offers a detailed 32-page guide to the U.S. court system.

Canadian Federal Courts
Federal courts in Canada, including the Canadian Supreme Court. From Canada Online Guide Susan Munroe.

The Free Exercise Clause: A License for Anarchy?
"In America, every citizen may believe about religion whatever he or she chooses, but no one has a right to actions in the name of religion which violate the law." - Gene Garman, Author of America's Real Religion.

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Where to find help with: Small Business Needs, Healthcare, Work or Career, Home Improvements, Hunger and Child Care or Family Needs. In most cases, you do not need a grant to get assistance from a government program.

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E-Government! Online Government Services
From adopting wild horses to buying T-bills and bonds, the US Government is working to make more an more of its services available to Internet users. Try out E-Government now.

Supreme Court Report
Find out about recent decisions and major cases now being considered by the Supreme Court. Includes links to texts of Court decisions and analysis by many of your About.com Guides and other major media sources.

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