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Impeachment Wrap-up
What happened and Why

Guide Special
Dateline: 02/13/1999

It's finally over. The US Senate acquitted President Clinton on both Articles of Impeachment and offered no censure resolution. Roll Call Vote on Perjury - Roll Call Vote on Obstruction (From the Washington Post)

Now it's time to reflect. Why did the Senators do what they did? What did we learn from this? What now?

Minutes after the votes, Karen DeYoung, assistant managing editor for national news of the Washington Post, sat down at a keyboard and answered those questions and more from people all over America in "Direct Access: After the Vote."

Senators and House Managers expressed their opinions in "Politicians React to Clinton Verdict" from CNN.

And, President Clinton asked for and offered forgiveness. Transcript from CNN.

What about you? What do you think motivated the Senators to vote the way they did? What were they thinking? Here are some possibilities to consider:

  • "If the President lied - IF he lied - he lied about an improper relationship with a White House Aide. The lies, whether told or not, did not involve a threat to national security. The lies did not involve acts of gross negligence or neglect of duty. The lies did not involve theft or misappropriation of public funds. The lies did not materially involve the duties of the office of President of the United States as defined in the Constitution. The lies do not, in my opinion, meet the Constitutional definition of high crimes or misdemeanors. Therefore, I as a Senator, sworn to uphold the Constitution, cannot vote to remove the President from office."
  • "Look, I'm a (Insert Political Party Here) and I'm going to vote like one."
  • "The polls all show the public wants him to stay in office, so that's how I'm voting."
  • "The evidence presented by the House Managers did not prove their case. I just think he's innocent."

Opinion Poll - What do you think?

Why did the Senate acquit the President?

I think the Senate's not guilty vote was based mainly on:

Careful consideration of the US Constitution.
Political party loyalty.
Public opinion.
Simple consideration of the evidence.
Something else completely.

If you chose "Something else completely." what was it? Please either post your reason on our Bulletin Board or email it to me.

Final Results of Previous Impeachment Polls

Should President Clinton be removed from office?
Yes - 551 - 60%
No - 370 - 40%

Are you following the Senate trial?
Yes - 130 - 92%
No - 11 - 8%

Has the Senate trial been conducted fairly?
Yes - 39 - 43%
No - 47 - 52%
No Opinion - 4 - 4%

Has anything from the Senate trial changed you opinion on impeachment?
Yes - 26 - 24%
No - 78 - 72%
Have not been watching - 4 - 4%

Thanks to everyone who voted in these polls. The response was great.

Want to express your opinion in detail?
The best way to share your feelings or questions on the impeachment is to post them to our Free Bulletin Board. Also, please feel free to email you comments to me.

Other Impeachment Resources
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A Final Note
The system worked and our democracy survives. Once again, we are given reason to marvel at the foresight and skill of the framers of the US Constitution. Finally, to everyone who read these pages, expressed your opinions via our Bulletin Board or email, and voted in the online polls, my sincere thanks.

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