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Here's a tool for finding job openings in the U.S. Government. Simply click on your area of interest or expertise, for a complete list of all job openings in that category. When the list appears, clicking on any job title will get you complete, detailed information on that job, including instructions on how to apply. These jobs come directly from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's USAJobs service, and many can be applied for online.

Job Categories

Accounting, Budgeting and Finance



Biological Sciences

Business, Industry, Purchasing

Copyright, Patent, Trademark

Education / Training

Engineering and Architecture

Equipment, Facilities, Services

Geographic Information Systems and Mapping

Human Resources

Information, Arts, Public Affairs

Information Technology

Investigations, Inspections

Legal and Claims Examining

Library, Archives

Management, Administration, Clerical, Office Services

Mathematics, Statistics

Medical, Dental, Public Health

Physical Sciences

Quality Assurance, Grading

Safety, Health, Physical and Resource Protection

Social Sciences, Psychology, Welfare

Logistics and Supply

Trades and Labor


Television and Audiovisual

Veterinary Medical Science

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