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Guide Picks - Top 3 Books About and For Veterans
No words, written or spoken, are adequate to thank Veterans for the freedoms we enjoy today. Here are some books that attempt to tell the story of the sacrifices and experiences of Veterans, often in their own words.
1) "A Mile in Their Shoes: Conversations with Veterans of WWII"
Aaron Elson began conducting in-depth interviews with veterans of WWII in 1987. The result is this fascinating work of history in which veterans share their own stories and experiences in an unforced, conversational style. If you ever wished you had just once sat down with your dad or grandfather and asked, "What was it really like," this is a book you will treasure.
2) "Carried to the Wall: American Memory & the Vietnam Veterans Memorial"
More than 58,000 names appear on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Through the mementos and writings left by visitors to the Memorial Wall, Kristin Hass poignantly tells How have Americans dealt with that fact.
3) "A Study for All Americans: Vietnam, Victims and Veterans"
Frank L. Grzyb interviews 15 Vietnam veterans from infantry troops, to nurses and mess attendants. The book does not "preach" or attempt to make some grand political statement as to the "correctness" of America's involvement in Southeast Asia. Rather, the hurt, the humor, the everyday life and death of the men and women served in Vietnam jump from these pages.
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