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Gun control locks up Senate

Dateline: 05/17/00

All lawmaking in the U.S. Senate came to a grinding halt yesterday as a surprise battle over long-pending gun control legislation flared up.

It started when Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle (South Dakota) offered a "sense of the Senate" resolution praising the participants in Sunday's Million Moms March and calling for consideration of the juvenile justice bill.

This bill, which includes new gun control regulations including requiring trigger locks and buyer background checks at gun shows, has been before a joint House-Senate conference committee since last summer.

While Rep. Daschle's "sense of the Senate" resolution would not change any laws, it would require Senators to go on record indicating how they might vote on an actual gun control bill.

Senate Republicans objected to Daschle's action and the resulting quorum call prevented the Senate from taking on further business for the rest of the day.

Daschle responded by indicating the Senate Democrats would continue the quorum call until the Republican leadership allowed a vote on his resolution.

"We will not do anything else," Tom Daschle told the Senate, as he launched the procedural battle of wills. "Maybe the silence will get the message through."

In a CNN story, Daschle is reported as saying Senate Democrats will go to the floor every day and read the names of Americans who died in acts of gun violence one year ago that very day.

This tactic threatens to delay consideration of the Senate's version of the fiscal year 2001 appropriations bill for military construction. This typically non-controversial bill is expected to see extended debate this year over a provision requiring U.S. combat troops be pulled out of the Kosovo by July 1, 2001. 

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A Quorum Call in the Senate is most often used as sort of a "time out," to allow senators to hold private conversations on pending business. It is a typical way of suspending or delaying a debate without actually adjourning the Senate.

Whenever a senator suggests that a quorum (51 senators) may not be present on the floor by saying, "I suggest the absence of a quorum," the Senate clerk starts to slowly call the roll of senators. The quorum call is ended when at least 51 senators are present, or when a senator says, "I ask unanimous consent that the quorum call be dispensed with."

In general practice, the Senate often conducts business without a quorum present, but the Senate presumes that a quorum is present unless the contrary is shown by a roll call vote or quorum call.

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