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Student Voters Pick Bush

877,497 Students give Bush 58.9 percent in mock election
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"Get involved in the process. Start your own party. Believe me, I'm 31 and I don't feel represented by the two main bozos."

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It's Bush -- according to 58.9 percent of the 877,497 US middle and high school students who participated in "OneVote," the largest online vote ever conducted.

Conducted over October 23rd and 24th, by the Channel One Network, project "OneVote" allowed pre-registered students to cast their ballots online for President, for Governor and Senator in states where statewide races are taking place, and on key national issues affecting teens. Here are the results:

For President:

Candidate Votes Percentage
George W. Bush


Al Gore


Ralph Nader


Pat Buchanan



Other notable highlights of the Presidential race include:

  • Bush won 39 out of 48 states. (Channel One cannot transmit to Alaska and Hawaii.)
  • Bush would win 386 electoral votes compared to 145 for Gore.
  • Gore won 8 states in the Northeast, plus California and the District of Columbia.
  • In the candidates’ home states, Bush beat Gore in Texas (62,808 to 31,634) and in Tennessee (30,640 to 19,829).

Results for statewide races are available here from the Channel One Web site.

Along with voting, students responded as follows to these issues: 

  1. The most important problem facing America
    57% Crime and Violence
    26% Education
    17% Decline of Morals and Ethical Behavior

  2. The proposal that would do the most to improve education
    40% Retain the current system, but increase federal spending for public schools.
    29% Allow both private school voucher programs and parental choice of public schools.
    20% Allow parents to transfer their children from low-performing public schools to other public schools.
    11% Allow parents to use vouchers to transfer their children from low-performing public schools to private schools

  3. The proposal that would be the best change in the criminal justice system
    34% Make the penalties for crimes harsher so criminals are afraid to commit them.
    22% Retain the death penalty, but reform the system to prevent false convictions.
    14% Better enforcement of current gun laws.
    13% Pass new gun control laws.
    9.5% Abolish the death penalty.
    7.5% Increase funding for prevention efforts.

  4. What should be done to restore people’s faith in government?
    51% Subject candidates to more scrutiny of their character and private behavior.
    31% Pass tough campaign finance reform laws.
    18% Shorten the campaigns and use only public money to fund them.

Channel One Network, a Primedia company, is the leading provider of television news and educational programs to America’s secondary schools. It delivers award-winning news and information programming daily, via satellite, to 12,000 public, private and parochial schools across the United States. 


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