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California Ponders Tough New Gun Laws
Part 2: Banning in-home gun shops  
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• 1: Licensing & Testing Handgun Buyers
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"Are all the extra deaths and injuries really an acceptable price to pay for the privilege of having a weapon?"
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"The fact that guns are easily available to criminals through illegal channels just illustrates what a failure gun control is."
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Natl. Rifle Association

The other newly proposed California gun control law, AB 22, sponsored by Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) would shut down most home-operated gun shops. 

Backers of AB 22 say it is needed to gain control over hard-to-regulate "kitchen-table dealers."

The bill has now been cleared for consideration on the floor of the Assembly.

Earlier this week, Charles Blek Jr., an attorney for the Million Mom March, supporters of both bills, told reporters, "Gun owners say this is more of an inconvenience, but I say inconvenience is a dead child."

In opposing both bills, Ed Worley of the National Rifle Association, countered, "The state also shouldn't dictate local zoning regulations such as where at-home dealers can set up shop."

Assemblyman Jay La Suer, (R-La Mesa) expressed concerns that both laws would place additional and unnecessary operational and budgetary strain on state law enforcement agencies.

Governor may oppose bills
California Governor Gray Davis (D), who in 1999, placed a temporary moratorium on new gun control laws, has stated on several occasions that he remains wary of new gun laws, unless they are specifically suggested by law enforcement agencies.

According to Davis' spokesman Roger Salazar, "The governor hasn't closed the door on any new laws, but he has made clear that he wants feedback on how the existing laws are working from law enforcement."

...a right can only be so conditional. "When" and "where" limitations
might be imposed, but at its heart the whole idea of requiring a license or a fee or a test is incompatible with the exercise of an individual right. That's why voting can't be subject to such limitations." -- J.D. Tuccille About Guide to Civil Liberties


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