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Treatment assistance - veterans and dependents

Veterans Administration cancer program
The VA cancer program ensures that eligible veterans and their dependents have easy access to consistently high quality cancer prevention, detection, and treatment services. Its Web site offers cancer facts, information about care, a list of VHA designated comprehensive cancer centers, and the VA's national cancer strategy

Contact the VA at Toll Free 1-800-827-1000 or at any local VA office.

Federal assistance through hospitals

Hill-Burton free or reduced cost care
Hill-Burton is a federal program that provides money to hospitals for construction of new or improved facilities. Under the terms of the grants, the hospitals are required to provide some services at zero or reduced costs to persons who cannot otherwise afford them. Each hospital chooses which services it will provide at no or reduced cost. The covered services are specified in a notice which is published by the hospital and also in a notice provided to all persons seeking services in the facility.

Private foundations

American Cancer Society
Local ACS office often help cancer patients with treatment-related travel expenses including transportation, medicine and medical supplies. Along with financial assistance, ACS offers support and advice for cancer patients and family members, as well as extensive news on cancer prevention and research.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Formerly the Leukemia Society of America, The Society provides supplementary financial assistance to patients in need. The program is supported entirely by public contributions.

Tax Considerations

Cancer patients often encounter treatment-related expenses that are not covered by insurance. Some of these expenses can be tax deductible. Examples of deductible expenses include mileage for trips to and from medical appointments, out-of-pocket costs for treatment, prescription drugs or equipment, and the cost of meals during medical visits.

For more information on deductible medical expenses, contact any local office of the Internal Revenue Service, a tax consultant, or certified public accountant.

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