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At Last! Online Change of Address
US Postal makes moving easier 
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The U.S. Postal Service has just made one of the many hassles of moving -- getting your mail to follow you -- a little easier by initiating an Internet online change of address service.

In fact, getting your address changed and having your mail forwarded is just one of the moving chores you can take care of at the USPS' new service found at Web address www.MoversGuide.com.

Among over 20 other moving-related chores, at MoversGuide.com you can:

  • Connect to all services and utilities in your new community including electricity & gas, telephone and cell phone, Internet, cable/satellite TV and newspapers. You can even arrange for home and car insurance.

  • Prepare for your move by renting storage space, renting a moving truck, buying boxes and packing materials, getting maps and directions, and all sorts of tips on moving.

  • Locate schools and other important services in your new community and buy furniture for your new home.

Best of all, you can knock out all of those tasks 24-hours a day, seven days a week, via secured servers.

In announcing MoversGuide.com, Postmaster General John E. Potter stated, "At no cost to consumers or to the Postal Service, MoversGuide.com takes the stress out of moving for the 41 million Americans who relocate each year by saving them valuable time and money."

Approximately 17 percent of the nation's population moves each year – more than 41 million people. The Postal Service currently spends over $1.5 billion per year processing undeliverable as addressed mail. Of that $1.5 billion, $438 million is spent forwarding mail and $768 million is spent returning mail to sender.

The USPS also wants you to know they deliver more than 200 billion mail pieces each year to 134 million addresses – with nearly two million addresses being added every year – the Postal Service handles approximately 46 percent of the world's card and letter mail volume. The Postal Service web site, www.usps.com, is one of the most heavily visited federal Web sites, averaging over seven million visits per month.

So, get moving.

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