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Government Shutdown?


What a Shutdown Could Mean to Us
Based on history, here is how a Government shutdown might impact government-provided public services.

Social Security: Checks will probably keep coming, but no new applications would be accepted or processed.

Welfare: Again, the checks would continue, but new Food Stamps might not be issued.

Mail: The U.S. Postal Service supports itself, so mail deliveries would continue as usual.

National Defense: All active duty members of all branches of all armed services would continue duty as usual. More than half of the Defense Department's 860,000+ civilian employees would also work.

Justice System: Federal courts should be open. Criminals will still be chased, caught, prosecuted and thrown in Federal prisons, which would still be operating.

Farms/USDA: Food safety inspections will probably continue, but rural development, and farm credit and loan program will probably close down.

Transportation: Air traffic control, safety personnel, and the Coast Guard will remain on the job.

National Parks/Tourism: Parks and forests will be open, but visitor and interpretive centers will be closed. Non-volunteer rescue and fire control services might be shut down. National monuments and most historic sites will be closed.

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Current Status of the 13 Appropriations Bills
All 13 bills will have to become Public Laws (P.L.) before the FY 2000 federal budget is approved. As of the end of the day on Friday, October 22, six bills have made it, but the President has vetoed two others.

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The Federal Budget Process from_about.gif (913 bytes)
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