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Career Help from the U.S. Government
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US Department of Labor 

Employment and Training Administration (ETA)

About Wage and Employment Laws

After all your planning and preparing for a great career, life happens. Sagging economies, downsizing, layoffs and disabilities are just a few of the obstacles that can come between American workers and fulfilling, financially rewarding careers.

Fortunately, along with the agency's better known mission of enforcing fair wage and employment laws, the U.S. Department of Labor is dedicated to helping Americans remove, or at least chip away at those obstacles. Here are some of the great government resources out there to help you:

Training: Employment and Training Administration (ETA)
The ETA provides assistance for adults, young persons and dislocated workers with training and job placement assistance. From the ETA, job seekers can get:

Layoffs: Assistance for Laid Off and Dislocated Workers
Over 3.3 million people are laid off each year. You may be a dislocated worker if you have been permanently laid off, or have received a notice of termination or layoff from employment.

Fortunately, there are services available to help you get back to work. 
  • One-Stop Career Centers
    Find jobs--from entry level to technical to professional to CEO. Locate public workforce services in your area. Explore alternative career paths, compare salary data for different occupations, learn which careers are hot, get resume writing tips and job interview strategies, and more. Find a One-Stop Career Center near you.
  • Rapid Response Services
    If your layoff involved 50 or more workers, your State Dislocated Worker Unit may have created a Rapid Response team to help you get back on your feet.
  • Unemployment Insurance
    Created in 1935 as a response to the Great Depression, unemployment insurance has helped countless workers and their families weather the economic storms of lost jobs and layoffs.

Disability: Assistance for Disabled Workers
As a key element of President Bush's New Freedom Initiative, the Department of Labor provides many resources to help persons with disabilities achieve their career goals. Here are just a few:

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