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Bank Bailout - The Cost of the Bank Bailout - US Government
Read an explanation of why the bank bailout of 2008 cost taxpayers only a fraction of the original price tag. See why the government expects to turn a profit from ...
Government Bailout of Ford GM Chrysler and the Auto Industry
The specifics of the auto bailout received by GM, Ford and Chrysler. What the Big 3 promised to give back in return. How it affected the economy.
Political History: The Chrysler Bail Out - US Politics on About.com
The year was 1979. Jimmy Carter was in the White House. G. William Miller was Treasury Secretary. And Chrysler was in trouble. Would the federal government ...
What Was the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Bailout - US Economy
The bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by the Treasury Department is the largest such measure in history. Find out what it is, why it happened and what it ...
Bank Bailout Bill - US Economy - About.com
Sep 21, 2008 ... What exactly was in the 2008 bank bailout bill, how much was actually spent, and how well it addressed the financial crisis.
Savings and Loan Bailouts - Economics - About.com
An examination of S&L bailouts during the late 1980s.
Understanding the GM Bankruptcy Filing - US Economy - About.com
The $51.043 billion bailout will only cost taxpayers $10.4 billion. Treasury recouped the other $39.6 billion by selling its shares of GM stock. Treasury also ...
Were the Mortgage Crisis and Bank Bailout Preventable?
The subprime mortgage crisis and bailout could have been prevented a year earlier if the government had responded quickly enough to the signs.
New York City Bailout - US Politics on About.com
The 2008 financial market meltdown is not a solo event, although its magnitude marks it for the history books. It's the latest in a series of financial crises where ...
What Is TARP Bailout Program - US Economy - About.com
Sep 24, 2013 ... Definition: The Troubled Asset Recovery Program (TARP) had its roots in the October 2008 bank bailout bill. Then Treasury Secretary Hank ...
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