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Do Illegal Aliens Have Constitutional Rights? - US Government
U.S. Constitution lead you to believe that its rights and freedoms do not apply to them. The courts have held otherwise. Often described as a "living document," ...
U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights - US Government - About.com
All about the United States Constitution including the complete text. Find out how the Supreme Court interprets the Constitution.
The U.S. Constitution: Articles, Amendments and Preamble
Defines the Constitution as the supreme law of the United States Article VII - Signatures Amendments The first 10 amendments comprise the Bill of Rights .
The Bill of Rights - US Constitution Amendments 1-10
Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia to build a structure for a new government. The resulting Constitution did not address the rights of individuals, which ...
Women in US Constitutional History: Sex Discrimination
Find key turning points in US constitutional history related to sex discrimination and women's rights.
Women in US Constitutional History: Women's Reproductive Rights
Limits on reproductive rights and decisions by women were mostly covered by state laws in the US, until the last half of the 20th century when the Supreme Court ...
That's Not in the Constitution! Rights Not Spelled Out
Debates about whether some particular right is in the Constitution or not are really debates about how to read and interpret the Constitution. Those who claim  ...
Is Marriage a Civil Right? - Civil Liberties Q&A
Why marriage is a civil right, with constitutional references.
Right to Privacy (Origins and History) - Civil Liberties - About.com
The right to privacy is the time-travel paradox of constitutional law: even though it didn't exist as a constitutional doctrine until 1961, and didn't form the basis of a ...
Bill of Rights 12 Original Amendments - US Constitution History
The original Bill of Rights, as sent to the then 11 states for ratification in 1789 proposed 12, not 10 amendments to the Constitution.
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