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Earmark Spending – What is Earmark Spending in the US Congress?
Earmark spending; also called “pork barrel” spending, is funding inserted into the annual federal budget by individual legislators for special projects or purposes ...
The Decade in Pork Barrel Earmark Spending – The Decade's Worst ...
As we near the end of 2009, another decade of pork barrel, earmark spending of your money by your U.S. Congress cha-chings to a $208 billion end.
The Antideficiency Act Mandates Government Shutdowns
What is Earmark Spending and Why is it Bad? The Decade in Pork: Ten Years of Ear Mark Spending · Congress to Attack Earmark Spending (2006) ...
What Is an Earmark? - Political Definition - US Politics - About.com
Earmarks are funds provided by the Congress for specific projects or programs ... New Congress to Attack Earmark Spending · What is Earmark Spending · The ...
Federal Earmark Ban -- Why Do Conservatives Support a Ban on ...
Before discretionary spending can be banned completely, the 112th Congress should limit them first. Capping individual earmarks and providing a threshold ...
Why Presidents Want, But Cannot Have the Line-Item Veto
Line Item Veto Pros and Cons Proponents of the line-item veto argue that it would allow the president to cut wasteful " pork barrel " or earmark spending from the ...
2014 Federal Budget Bill's Winners and Losers - US Government
President Obama signs the $1.1 trillion Omnibus spending bill. Pool/Pool/Getty Images .... Debt Versus Deficit · What is Earmark Spending and Why is it Bad?
2014 US Senate Race in Mississippi
In 2010 he led Congress in earmark spending. His pet projects totaled 16.5 billion dollars for that year. Senator Cochran has also voted for “Cash for Clunkers”, ...
Federal Budget Process - US Government - About.com
Resources related to the US Federal Budget and spending process.
Budgeting for Beginners
Many people have no idea how much they spend each month. ... Several banks let you create "sub"-savings accounts that you can earmark for certain savings ...
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