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Senate Passes Energy Policy Bill - US Government Info - About.com
Apr 25, 2002 ... The U.S. Senate has approved a version of the National Energy Policy ... part of the Bush administration's plan for U.S. energy independence.
Liberalism 101: Democratic Party Agenda on Energy Independence
The following is the Democratic Party agenda on energy independence. "We will create a cleaner, greener and stronger America by reducing our dependence ...
Is There Such a Thing as Energy Independence? - Middle East ...
Energy independence sounds good, especially from foreign oil, but is there such a thing in a world economy dominated by globalism? You decide.
The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 - Home Repair
The 2007 The Energy Independence and Security Act contains controversial provisions such as new lighting efficiency standards. This tutorial covers what the  ...
Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 - EISA 2007
Definition: The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007 is designed to improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy through these ...
US Energy Independent By 2035? - About.com US Foreign Policy
An oil well near Taft, California, in 2008. The International Energy Agency reports that the U.S. could be energy independent by 2035, something that would be a ...
Do Alternative Fuels Make a Difference - Alternative Fuels and ...
Learn why renewables are making such a big impact in the energy world. ... one of those gallons strengthens a nation's economy and energy independence.
High Gas Prices and the War on Oil - The US Should be 100 ...
Why isn't America energy independent by now? A Look at the energy stalemate in the US.
President Obama's Energy, Environmental Policy "Guiding Principles"
Summary of President Obama's goals and principles for energy and ... that will curb our dependence on fossil fuels and make America energy independent.
The New Energy Efficiency Act - Lighting - About.com
An article on the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, with suggestions for replacing 60 watt incandescent bulbs.
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