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The Executive Branch of US Government - About.com
The executive branch of the United States government consists of the president, the vice president and 15 Cabinet-level executive departments. The president is  ...
The Executive Branch - US Government - About.com
US Government Quick Study Guide to the Executive Branch.
U.S. Government Web Sites - Executive Branch Agencies
Executive Office of the President (EOP) The Executive Office of the President includes the White House and Office of the Vice President, plus offices which work ...
The Executive Branch - Lobby - About.com
Two things: know the executive branch rules (see below), and become an expert in the issues that you are working on. Regulatory lobbying is very technical.
The Three Branches of US Government - About.com
The United States has three branches of government: the executive, the legislative and ... The executive branch consists of the president, vice president and 15 ...
Executive Branch - American History - About.com
The Presidency and the rest of the executive branch in all its glory. From Washington to Clinton, as well as the first ladies, their VP's, their burial spots, and more.
The Role of the Executive Branch - About US Foreign Policy
The President of the United States has a number of advisers who are key to making U.S. foreign policy. The most important is the Secretary of State.
What Is the President's Cabinet? - U.S. Executive Officers - US Politics
The United States Cabinet (usually referred to as "the Cabinet") is composed of the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch of the federal ...
American System of Checks and Balances - Description
Each branch has powers that it can use to check and balance the operations and power of the ... The Executive Branch is given the power to carry out the laws.
Overview of the Executive Branch Video
The President of the United States is the head of the Executive Branch, but there's more to that branch. This About.com video will go over the Executive Branch of ...
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