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CAMRA: A Study of Government Waste? - US Government Info
Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn) has been named "Porker of the Month" by the Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) for his sponsorship of a bill that would ...
Outrageous Examples of Waste, Fraud and Abuse - US Government ...
Discover some of the most egregious examples of waste, fraud and abuse. Find out which federal programs are rife with waste, fraud and abuse. See how dead ...
Postal Service Waste - US Government Info - About.com
See the most egregious examples of Postal Service waste. ... an employee who used a government-issued travel card more than 50 times at adult entertainment  ...
Working in Federal, State, Local Government Differences
Local government workers live in the communities their work impacts. If a citizen's garbage is not collected the trash truck driver, solid waste supervisor, public ...
Bill to Curb Electronic Waste Introduced - US Government Info
“But with federal regulators slow to implement a comprehensive e-waste reduction program, ... Government Resources That Can Help Start Your Small Business.
EPA Employees Warned About Their Own Waste - Government ...
Talk about toxic waste! EPA employees are warned about unacceptable bathroom behavior at the Denver regional office.
Political Conventions - Who Pays for Them - US Politics on About.com
... paid for nearly 95 percent of the convention costs, according to the congressional Sunset Caucus, whose goal is to uncover and eliminate government waste.
Saving Taxpayers' Dollars - How do you think the government could ...
What is waste: Well we can tell from the performance of our Government they have no idea. JUST DON'T spend on anything that is not constitutionally mandated ...
Nuclear Waste Storage Alternatives - US Government Info - About.com
Aside from burying it all at a single location somewhere within the continental United States, how do you think the government should deal with long-term ...
Lessons Learned from the GSA Western Regions Conference Scandal
Conference expenses for government agencies are easy punching bags for those wanting to make a point about government waste even when conference ...
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