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Outrageous Examples of Waste, Fraud and Abuse - US Government
You can't turn on the TV or open up the newspaper anymore without seeing or reading about waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government. Watchdogs ...
Postal Service Waste - US Government - About.com
See the most egregious examples of Postal Service waste. ... an employee who used a government-issued travel card more than 50 times at adult entertainment  ...
The Decade in Pork - US Government - About.com
According to criteria established by the bi-partisan Citizens Against Government Waste, the U.S. Congress approved earmark spending projects worth over $208  ...
Working in Federal, State, Local Government Differences
Local government workers live in the communities their work impacts. If a citizen's garbage is not collected the trash truck driver, solid waste supervisor, public ...
Saving Taxpayers - US Government - About.com
What is waste: Well we can tell from the performance of our Government they have no idea. JUST DON'T spend on anything that is not constitutionally mandated ...
Government Job Profile: Sanitation Worker - Government Careers
Sanitation workers drive or ride in garbage truck each day collecting trash from residences and businesses. There are few government jobs people would notice  ...
Government Environmental Requirements in Construction Projects
Hazardous and solid waste disposal and their allowed concentrations are listed in the regulations under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. This ...
Medicare Waste and Monitoring - Pharma - About.com
Healthcare fraud, waste and abuse cost the U.S. government an estimated $67 billion to $230 billion annually, making it the the nation's second largest white ...
The $12 Billion Zero-Gravity NASA Space Pen - Urban Legends
Analysis: This story perfectly illustrates the perils of government waste. Pity it's not quite true. NASA didn't have $12 billion to spend on anything when it first ...
Nuclear Waste Storage Alternatives - US Government - About.com
Aside from burying it all at a single location somewhere within the continental United States, how do you think the government should deal with long-term ...
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