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Iraq: Oil and Economy - US Government - About.com
How much oil DOES Iraq have and how important is it to the United States?
Estimated Costs of an Iraq War According to CBO - US Government
War in Iraq could cost up to $9 billion monthly, says CBO .... "Currently, about 80 percent of Iraq's oil production is being used to purchase imports under the ...
Official State Biography of Saddam Hussein - US Government
Iraq: Oil and Economy • Iraq War Could Be Won in 48 Hours: Report ... Countdown Iraq: Latest Headlines from USA, Britain, Iraq and the Arab Nations
Post-War Iraq Jokes - Political Humor - About.com
"Do you believe we are addicted to oil? So basically when we invaded Iraq, we didn't really mean anything, it was just the oil talking. We were under the ...
Geography and Map of Iraq
Formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, Iraq was occupied by Britain during the course of .... Iraq's economy is dominated by the oil sector, which has traditionally  ...
Iraq Jokes - Political Humor - About.com
"War continues in Iraq. They're calling it Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were going to call it Operation Iraqi Liberation until they realized that spells 'OIL.
Why Oil Prices Are So High - US Economy - About.com
These include disruption of oil from Iran, Syria's major ally; turmoil in Iraq; and further disruptions in Egypt. (Source: WSJ, U.S. Oil Futures Settle at Two-Year ...
Crimes of Saddam Hussein - 20th Century History - About.com
The invasion was induced by oil and a large war debt that Iraq owed Kuwait. The six-week, Persian Gulf War pushed Iraqi troops out of Kuwait in 1991. As the ...
Overview of Gulf War Video
... Iraq leader, Saddam Hussein, accused the tiny country of Kuwait, with whom Iraq shared a border, of stealing oil from his Ar-Rumayiah oil fields. On August 2 ...
Keeping Your Weapon Clean While in Iraq, Afghanistan - US Military
Just put a little oil on the thick end of the rope and pull it through, (always ... Then when you get to Kuwait on your way up to Iraq or Afghanistan, hit the PX and ...
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