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Federal Deficit vs. National Debt - Definition of Economic Terms
Learn the difference between the federal deficit and the national debt. Find out how the government deals with a deficit. Read about how the deficit impact the ...
U.S. Debt - How Much China Owns - US Government - About.com
Find out how much U.S. debt China really owns. See what other foreign governments hold in American government-backed securities and investments.
National Debt - U.S. Defaults - US Government - About.com
Find out whether the United States ever defaulted on its national debt obligations. Read about debt defaults and restructuring through history. Learn about what ...
USA National Debt Clock Definition and History - US Economy
The U.S. debt clock tracks the national debt, which exceeded $17 trillion on October 17, 2013. Find out the history of the debt clock, where it is and what other  ...
US Debt and How It Affects the Economy - US Economy - About.com
Sep 23, 2014 ... It's tracked by the national debt clock. As of September 2014, it is $17.7 trillion. America's debt is the largest in the world for a single country.
National Debt Under Obama - US Economy - About.com
Sep 24, 2014 ... National Debt Under Obama. How Much Did Obama Really Add to the Nation's Debt? By Kimberly Amadeo · US Economy Expert. Share this.
National Debt by Year: Compared to GDP, and Major Events
Jul 30, 2014 ... Here's national debt by year, compared to the size of the economy and whether there was a recession, war or other catastrophe.
Who Owns the US National Debt? How Much Is Owed to Whom
Sep 22, 2014 ... The $17 trillion national debt is owned by Social Security, the Fed, and foreign investors. Here's the major owners as of June 2014.
Ways to Reduce the National Debt: Ideas and Solutions - US Economy
America's debt is unsustainable, especially if interest rates rise. What do you think will provide relief before a crisis occurs?
Debt Ceiling Definition, Why It's Raised, Past Crises - US Economy
Sep 24, 2014 ... The debt ceiling is a limit on how much debt the U.S. government can have. Here's how it's raised, what happens if it isn't, and recent crises.
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