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Federal Deficit vs. National Debt - Definition of Economic Terms
Learn the difference between the federal deficit and the national debt. Find out how the government deals with a deficit. Read about how the deficit impact the ...
U.S. Debt - How Much China Owns - US Government Info - About.com
Find out how much U.S. debt China really owns. See what other foreign governments hold in American government-backed securities and investments.
National Debt - U.S. Defaults - US Government Info - About.com
Has the United States ever defaulted on payments toward the national debt? To hear policymakers and the U.S. Department of the Treasury tell it, the nation has  ...
National Debt by Year - US Economy - About.com
Jul 30, 2014 ... The U.S. national debt breached a record $17 trillion on October 17 2013, greater than the economic output of the entire country. This was right ...
Ways to Reduce the National Debt - US Economy - About.com
As the U.S. National Debt nears 100% of GDP, it becomes unsustainable, and will ultimately slow the economy. What do you think will provide relief for the U.S.  ...
USA National Debt Clock Definition and History - US Economy
The national debt clock tracks the U.S. debt, which topped $17 trillion on October 17, 2013. The clock is physically located on West 44th Street and Avenue of the ...
US Debt and How It Affects the Economy - US Economy - About.com
Sep 5, 2013 ... The U.S. national debt is the sum of all outstanding debt owed by the Federal Government. It surged past $17 trillion ($17,075,590,107,963.57 ...
National Debt Under Obama - US Economy - About.com
Mar 4, 2013 ... In his first four years of office, President Obama increased the U.S. debt by $5.073 trillion. The largest contribution was the Obama tax cuts, ...
National Debt - Dictionary Definition of National Debt - Economics
Definition: The national debt is the total amount of debt the federal government has on its book. Most of the national debt is in the form of government issued ...
US Debt by President - US Economy - About.com
Apr 4, 2014 ... President Bush added the most to the debt dollar-wise. Photo: Getty Images ... For more, see National Debt Under Obama. President Woodrow ...
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