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About the U.S. National Security Council - US Government
A brief description of the functions and duties of the U.S. National Security Council.
Bush Delivers National Security Strategy 2002 - US Government
Sep 21, 2002 ... Bush's New Security Plan - Strike First ... President Bush presented a National Security Strategy for the United States of America calling for ...
Presidential Security Briefings - US Government - About.com
It is also believed that national security briefings given to presidents elect before they actually take office do not contain information needed to actually initiate ...
National Security Agency - US Politics on About.com
The National Security Agency is a highly specialized and vital unit of the American intelligence community that works to create and break secret codes, a science ...
Liberalism 101: Democratic Party Agenda on National Security
The following is the Democratic Party agenda on national security. ""We will protect Americans at home and lead the world by telling the truth to our troops, our ...
How Much Should U.S. Spend on National Security - US Economy
National security spending has risen from $600 billion after 9/11, to $700 billion for the War on Terror. Homeland security, and the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and ...
Obama's National Security Agenda - President ... - Liberal Politics
Four articles which set forth President Obama's goals and underlying principles for his first-term national security agenda. Policy areas covered include the Iraq ...
Language and National Security - Language and ... - Italian Language
The ability to speak other languages has long been recognized as a critical skill for national security and homeland defense. In November 1941, the War ...
Defense and National Security - About US Foreign Policy
The U.S. military and the American national security system are connected to U.S. foreign policy and U.S. relations with the world in undeniable yet diverse ways ...
Language and National Security - Language and ... - Italian Language
The Best Defense is a Good Education In December 1991, the President signed the National Security Education Act. The Act provides for the establishment of ...
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