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5 Wacky Myths About Obama - US Government - About.com
Find out the truth behind the myths about Obama. See what's true and not true in the myths about Obama. See who's behind all the myths about Obama.
Obama and the National Day of Prayer - Debunking Myths About ...
Find out what Obama did on the National Day of Prayer. See the proclamations Obama released about the National Day of Prayer. Learn about myths ...
What Was President Obama's First Executive Order? - US Government
See more: 5 Wackiest Myths About Obama. "Obama's First Executive Order was to SEAL his records," one popular Internet claim goes. "Now for all of you who ...
Five Myths About Obama's Executive Orders - US Politics - About.com
Read the most prevalent myths about President Barack Obama's executive orders. Learn the truth behind the myths. Find out how Obama's use of executive  ...
Myths and Misconceptions About U.S. Presidents - Urban Legends
It looks like the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich will continue, due to a strong Republican leader, Barack Obama. Today Obama changed his slogan from "Yes we ...
Barack Obama's 923 Executive Orders - Urban Legends
Oct 5, 2012 ... Viral text falsely asserts that President Obama signed 923 executive ... 5 Myths About the Obama Executive Orders · What is a Presidential ...
Five Myths About Multiracial People in the U.S. - Race Relations
An increasing number of Americans identify as multiracial, but myths about ... When Barack Obama set his sights on the presidency, newspapers suddenly ...
10 Things You Should Know About Barack Obama - US Politics
Here are 10 facts you may not have known about President Barack Obama. Learn the truth behind some of the most widespread myths about Barack Obama.
Tea Party Myths -- Is the Tea Party Just a Response to President ...
Oct 29, 2010 ... Why did the Tea Party only emerge a month after President Barack Obama took office? Answer: The Left would have everyone believe the Tea ...
Barack Obama Net Worth - President Worth Millions - US Politics
See how much Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hold in assets. Learn about ... Myths About Obama's Executive Orders · What is Dark Money? Who Pays for ...
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