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The Decade in Pork Barrel Earmark Spending – The Decade's Worst ...
As we near the end of 2009, another decade of pork barrel, earmark spending of your money by your U.S. Congress cha-chings to a $208 billion end.
Earmark Spending – What is Earmark Spending in the US Congress?
Earmark spending; also called “pork barrelspending, is funding inserted into the annual federal budget by individual legislators for special projects or purposes ...
Why Presidents Want, But Cannot Have the Line-Item Veto
Line Item Veto Pros and Cons Proponents of the line-item veto argue that it would allow the president to cut wasteful " pork barrel " or earmark spending from the ...
Palin and Pork-Barrel Spending - Palin Political Cartoon
A political cartoon about Sarah Palin and her pork-barrel spending record.
What Are U.S. Farm Subsidies? - Liberal Politics - About.com
The 2008 Farm Bill was derided as bloated pork-barrel politics by a plethora of ... increasing populist anger over government spending, it would seem prudent to ...
Will Higher Taxes on Gasoline Lead to Higher Government Spending?
Rather, the added revenue will allow the government to waste even more money on pork-barrel projects. This is related to the idea of the Starve the Beast theory ...
The Three-Legged Stool of Government Retirement
Nevermind pork barrel spending and costly public assistance programs. Personnel is a large portion of any organization's budget, and scapegoating employees ...
A Profile of the John McCain 2008 Presidential Campaign Economic ...
Fund the reductions with cuts in "pork-barrel spending", such as the 10,000 local ... In total, McCain tax cuts would have totaled $400 billion, while his spending ...
Mark Sanford Bio -- A Profile of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford
Jun 24, 2009 ... As Congressman, Sanford's opposition to pork-barrel spending prevented him from accepting money that benefited his own district.
George W. Bush on the Issues - US Government - About.com
... the budget process to encourage cooperation and prevent government shutdowns, attack pork-barrel spending, and return civility to the nomination process.".
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