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The Decade in Pork Barrel Earmark Spending – The Decade's Worst ...
As we near the end of 2009, another decade of pork barrel, earmark spending of your money by your U.S. Congress cha-chings to a $208 billion end.
Earmark Spending – What is Earmark Spending in the US Congress?
Earmark spending; also called “pork barrelspending, is funding inserted into the annual federal budget by individual legislators for special projects or purposes ...
George W. Bush on the Issues - US Government - About.com
"Not only are my tax cuts real, they've reduced the baseline of the budget. And that's ... attack pork-barrel spending, and return civility to the nomination process." .
Palin and Pork-Barrel Spending - Palin Political Cartoon
A political cartoon about Sarah Palin and her pork-barrel spending record.
What Are U.S. Farm Subsidies? - Liberal Politics - About.com
Farm subsidies are considered a prime area for budget cutbacks, but are ... The 2008 Farm Bill was derided as bloated pork-barrel politics by a plethora of ...
Will Higher Taxes on Gasoline Lead to Higher Government Spending?
Rather, the added revenue will allow the government to waste even more money on pork-barrel projects. This is related to the idea of the Starve the Beast theory ...
The Three-Legged Stool of Government Retirement
Nevermind pork barrel spending and costly public assistance programs. Personnel is a large portion of any organization's budget, and scapegoating employees ...
A Profile of the John McCain 2008 Presidential Campaign Economic ...
Cut the corporate tax rate to 25% from 35%. Fund the reductions with cuts in " pork-barrel spending", such as the 10,000 local projects, totaling over $10 billion,  ...
A Profile of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford - Conservative Politics
Jun 24, 2009 ... As Congressman, Sanford's opposition to pork-barrel spending prevented him from accepting money that benefited his own district.
Why Presidents Want, But Cannot Have the Line-Item Veto
Proponents of the line-item veto argue that it would allow the president to cut wasteful " pork barrel " or earmark spending from the federal budget . Opponents  ...
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