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Saturday Mail Delivery (USPS): Should It End? - US Government
Ending Saturday mail delivery would save the beleaguered U.S. Postal Service, which lost $8.5 billion in 2010, lots of money. But how much money, exactly?
The United States Postal Service (USPS)
The United States Postal Service first began moving the mail on July 26, 1775, ... classes of mail, according the costs associated with the processing and delivery ... Post Office Closure List · USPS No Saturday Mail Plan Snubs Rural America...
Advisory Opinion - Postal Regulatory Commission
Mar 24, 2011 ... Saturday delivery, Saturday outgoing mail processing, and other related service changes. ... losses due to the elimination of Saturday delivery.
How 3-Day Mail Delivery Would Lift You Up - US Government
Feb 12, 2014 ... The Postal Service has been trying to cut Saturday mail delivery for years, only to be thwarted by Congress. But the Postal OIG says that while ...
Door to Door Postal Services - End of An Era - US Government
See how the U.S. Postal Service would deliver your mail instead of bringing it right to ... the end of Saturday mail and cutting delivery to just three days a week.
Life Without the U.S. Mail – Could You Survive ... - US Government
to "We will deliver no more forever," read my lips, no more mail. ... out on Sun due by then (now Sat too); my bank doesn't even pay bills over the week-end.
50 US Senators Call for 1-Year Hold on Postal Service Cuts
Sep 3, 2014 ... “Slowing down mail delivery even further will hurt senior citizens on ... its long- delayed plan to end Saturday mail delivery on rural Americans.
Mail Customers Would Accept Service Cuts to Save USPS
Along with ending Saturday mail, other money-saving service cuts proposed by ... mail delivery, these are just the kind of reductions in services you might think ...
Timeline - Significant Dates in Post Office History
1863- Free city delivery. 1863- Uniform postage rates, regardless of distance. 1863- Domestic mail divided into three classes. 1864- Post offices categorized by  ...
Mail - It Might Take Longer to Get There - US Government - About.com
Find out why the Postal Service might slow down delivery of First Class Mail, Priority ... the end of Saturday mail and cutting delivery to just three days a week.
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