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About the U.S. Senate - US Government Info - About.com
The U.S. Senate is the upper legislative chamber in the federal government. It's also the more powerful body, with just 100 members. Each state is granted two ...
Senate Agenda – Daily Activities of the US Senate
Summary of the daily scheduled activities of the U.S. Senate.
Congress: Why Are There Two Chambers? (House & Senate)
Why the US Congress Has Two Chambers, the House and Senate.
The US Senate - Getting to Know Your Government
Description and history of the United States Senate and the powers granted the Senate by the Constitution. The Senate and the House of Representatives jointly  ...
2014 US Senate Race Ratings
Nov 20, 2013 ... Republicans have an early 49-47 seat lead for the US Senate in 2014 when factoring in likely and leaning races, with 4 toss-up seats left to ...
GOP Road to Victory in the US Senate in 2014
A look at how the Republican Party can win back the US Senate in 2014.
Roman Senate and Senators According to Livy
Livy shows the role of senators in the early years of Rome, both the monarchy and the Republic.
Requirements to be a United States Senator - US Government Info
The Senate is the United States' higher legislative chamber (the House of Representatives being the lower chamber), containing 100 members. If you have  ...
The 2014 US Senate Election in Louisiana
Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is one of the top targets for Republicans in the 2014 elections as they aim to win back control of the US Senate.
Republican US Senate Seats up for Re-Election in 2014
In 2014, Republicans will have 14 US Senate seats to defend. On the upside for the GOP minority, all of these seats should be safe. These seats were last ...
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