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The Truth About US Federal Government Grants - US Government Info
Contrary to what books and TV ads say, the U.S. government is not giving away " free grant" money. A government grant is not a Christmas present. According to ...
US Government Grants - US Government Info - About.com
Resources for finding and getting grants. Also read about the federal grant process and find out why a grant is no Christmas present.
U.S. Government Assistance and Grants - US Government Info
U.S. Government Grants and Assistance. If you represent an organization trying to do projects like, revitalizing a downtown area, retraining displaced workers or ...
How Nonprofit Can Compete for Government Grants
Applying for government grants is not something that every nonprofit can or should do. But if your organization can prepare itself in these eight ways, the effort ...
Government Grants for Nonprofits: What You Need to Know
Government grants for your nonprofit work differently than grants from foundations. Here's how you can find and apply for them.
Getting Government Assistance Without a Grant - US Government Info
You need help, but after reading Federal Grants - No Free Lunch, you may have decided that a U.S. government grant is not the way to get it. But, do not give up, ...
What Do Reviewers Want to See on Your Government Grant ...
Are you mystified by the grant review process? Here are four ways to give the reviewers what they want.
How to Get Grants for Starting a Small Business - US Economy
Small business grants are usually only available for specific types of businesses or activities that the government wants to encourage. Examples of these ...
About Federal Grants - Assistance and Benefits - US Government Info
At any time, the U.S. government offers over 1400 programs offering discretionary assistance or benefits. Most people call these grants, but "grants" is far too ...
Truth about small business grants from the government
No matter what you may have read on the internet or seen on TV, the truth about small business grants from the U.S. government is that there are none.
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