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About the President of the United States - US Government - About.com
The primary duty of the president of the United States is to make sure that all U.S. laws are carried out and that the federal government is run effectively. Although ...
Information About the President's Cabinet - US Government
Why is it called a cabinet? Learn about the President's Cabinet, the origin of the term and the 15 secretaries and their departments.
Legislative Powers of the President of the United States
The President of the United States is commonly referred to as the most powerful person in the free world, but his legislative powers are strictly defined by the ...
The Presidents of the United States - Presidents 31-40
Biographical fast facts about United States Presidents 31 - 40, from Herbert Hoover to Ronald Reagan including Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Nixon, and more.
About the President and the President's Cabinet - US Government
Look here to learn about the office and duties of the President of the United States. Homework Note: This is where to look for information about the President's ...
Can the President be Muslim? - US Government - About.com
Find out what the U.S. Constitution says about religion in the White House and whether America could elect a Muslim president. Learn about the faiths of other ...
The Presidents of the United States - Presidents 21-30
Chester A. Arthur - Arthur was never elected to the presidency but succeeded to office after the assassination of James Garfield. His presidency is noted for Civil ...
Fast Facts About the American Presidents - American History
Biographical fast facts about the Presidents of the United States.
Constitutional Powers of the Presidency - from About.com
Presidential Powers granted by the U.S. Constitution, from your About.com Guide .
The Presidents of the United States - Presidents 11-20
Zachary Taylor - Taylor, nicknamed "Old Rough and Ready," was president when the Compromise of 1850 came about. However, he died in office before it was ...
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