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State Unclaimed Property Search and Recovery Resources
At any time, state governments are holding more than $10 billion in unclaimed money and other property. Banks, businesses, government agencies and other ...
State Unclaimed Property Searches: Find Forgotten Money
Here you will find state government resources for finding and claiming unclaimed money and property.
Finding and Recovering Unclaimed Money - US Government Info
The states have made finding and recovering unclaimed property much easier with online unclaimed property searches and even online claim forms.
How to Find Unclaimed Money Yourself - Frugal Living - About.com
Don't pay someone to find your unclaimed money. It's easy to do yourself. Here's how.
Get Unclaimed Money or Property You're Entitled To
Abandoned or Unclaimed Property Have you ever put on an old jacket or pair of pants you hadn't worn for a while and discovered a $10 bill, or a $20 bill, in the ...
How to Find Unclaimed Property in Tennessee - Memphis - About.com
You've seen it on the news: an ordinary citizen is surprised with a check that somebody, somewhere owed them. In recent years, unclaimed property has ...
Seven Places to Look for Unclaimed Money - Money Over 55
You may have unclaimed money in old bank accounts, pension plans, forgotten 401(k)s, and at the IRS. Here are 7 ways to find it.
Arkansas Unclaimed Property Resources - Little Rock, Arkansas
Some tips for finding the money the government owes you including inheritances, refunds, unclaimed benefits and more.
How to Find Missing Money - Money Over 55 - About.com
Money goes missing when someone moves and forgets to notify a relevant institution of their new address. Unclaimed money can be found in the form of a ...
NY State Unclaimed Assets - Search for Lost Money in NY - Brooklyn
Oct 7, 2011 ... NY State has millions of dollars in unclaimed cash and accounts, waiting for their owners to claim the funds. Find out how to investigate whether ...
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