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Saddam On Trial: Right Where He Wants to Be

Past time in jail just made him stronger 


Saddam Hussein is on trial and facing prison in Iraq. Given his history of spending time in Iraqi jails, Saddam is right where he wants to be.

During 1958 and 1959, Saddam spent six months in prison for his political activities against the government.

In 1960, Saddam was sentenced to death, but escaped and finished secondary school in Egypt.

After being elected to a role of leadership in the Ba'th Party, Saddam was once again arrested in 1964 on charges related to his Ba'thist anti-government activities. While still in jail, he was elected to even higher Ba'th ranks and completed his first year of law school.

Finding prison an inconvenience, Saddam again escaped in 1967 and proceeded to devote full time to leading a violent and successful overthrow of the sitting Iraqi government.

From that point on, it was all good for Saddam, who by 1988, had established himself as the ruthless and feared dictator of Iraq until captured by U.S. forces on Dec. 14, 2003.

While there is little doubt that Saddam Hussein's countrymen will once again send him to prison, it's never stopped him before.

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