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US Census 2010 Jobs

Hiring in Spring 2010


The US Census Bureau reports that its main recruitment effort for Census 2010 followup jobs will begin in fall of 2009, with the majority of hiring to take place in the spring of 2010. Census officials say their local and regional offices will need over 3.1 million applicants to work on the post-census, non-response followup operation to take place from late April through July 2010.

About the Jobs
Post-census enumerators - census takers - will make door-to-door visits to addresses that failed to respond to the mail-in Census 2010 forms. The Census Bureau estimates the followup enumerators will be required to visit some 47 million households, multiple times, if necessary.

When possible, the Census Bureau tries to hire enumerators who live in the communities in which they will work, and if relevant, are multi-lingual.

The enumerator positions are temporary, lasting for varying periods of time.

While the positions offer no benefits, employees will be eligible for unemployment benefits once they complete their work successfully.

In most cases, temporary Census Bureau employees must be U.S. citizens, but exceptions will be made for work-authorized legal residents if qualified citizens with necessary language skills are not available.

Testing Required - Practice Test Available
All applicants for Census 2010 jobs will be required to pass a test measuring the applicant's basic skills, abilities, and knowledge required to perform a variety of census jobs. It is strongly suggested that you download and print the Census Practice Test, which is similar to the actual test.

How to Apply
All applications and hiring will be coordinated through the various local and regional Census Bureau field offices. You can also call the Census Bureau's toll-free Jobs Line at 1-866-861-2010 to be routed to your local census office.

If You Have Already Applied
Persons who have already applied for Census 2010 jobs need not re-apply. According to the Census Bureau, your application will remain active. However, if you need to update your contact information provided on your application, you may do so by calling the Census Bureau's toll-free Jobs Line at 1-866-861-2010 where you will be routed to your local census office.

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