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Top 6 Books on Gun Control & the Second Amendment


Does the Second Amendment absolutely guarantee individual Americans the right to own firearms? Are gun control laws constitutional? Do we have enough gun laws or do we need more? Should gun and gun owners be registered and licensed like cars and drivers? Here are some books that look at both sides of one of the hottest and most enduring debates in America.   

1. A Well-Regulated Militia: The Battle Over Gun Control

Take a journalist, William Weir who is a member of both the anti-gun Handgun Control, Inc. and the NRA and have him write about gun control. What you get is a book debunking much of the hype an rhetoric from both ends of the firing range. After careful analysis, Weir concludes that access to guns cannot explain violence in America.
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2. Targeting Guns: Firearms and Their Control

Gary Kleck, a life-long Democrat and self-professed liberal puts forth the surprising argument that the majority of gun control legislation is seriously flawed and ineffective in preventing gun violence.
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3. The Gun Control Debate: You Decide

"Featuring selections from historians, criminologists, social scientists, public health specialists, and jurists, Dr. Lee Nisbet offers an in-depth analysis of the central questions involved in America's debate concerning the further restriction or even prohibition of presently legally owned guns." -- Amazon book description
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4. The Politics of Gun Control

A rare, balanced look at gun control. Robert J. Spitzer discusses the legal implication of the 2nd Amendment, then looks at the impact of guns on America from homicides to suicides. The author also explores the intense battle for control of Congress between the NRA and Handgun Control, Inc.
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5. The Seven Myths of Gun Control

"In The Seven Myths of Gun Control, author Richard Poe cuts through the blizzard of anti-gun propaganda and uncovers the truth about guns, crime, and freedom. He details the seven most common arguments used by gun prohibitionists, debunking each one with a wealth of statistical and legal data gleaned from top experts in the field of guns and gun rights." - Amazon book description
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6. Under Fire: The NRA and the Battle for Gun Control

"Beginning with 'Eddie' Purdy, who killed five children in a California schoolyard, then turned his AK-47 assault rifle on himself, Osha Gray Davidson writes what at first seems an emotional antigun tract. In fact, it is something much more interesting: a detailed examination of political influence as wielded by perhaps the most powerful of special interests--the NRA." - From Kirkus Reviews
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