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Government Contracting Training


Jumping into government contracting without some training rarely pays off. Here you'll find free and low-cost training resources to help small businesses bid on federal government contracts.

Government Contracting Guides
Small Business Guide to Contracting Opportunities
From the Small Business Administration, this guide intended to help small businesses successfully compete for federal contracting opportunities. It includes an overview of the regulations, policies, and best practices of the government contracting process, as well as comprehensive tutorials.

How to Sell to the Federal Government
The General Services Administration (GSA) is the general purchasing agency for the federal government. GSA offers businesses the opportunity to sell billions of dollars worth of products and services to federal agencies through contract vehicles.
Face-to-Face Support and Assistance
These local resources offer in-person counseling and training services for small business owners. Training is offered on all aspects of planning, financing, starting and operating a business.
Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC)
A network of government contracting professionals to help small businesses obtain government contracts.

Procurement Center Representatives (PCR)
The SBA's Procurement Center Representatives (PCR) assists small businesses in obtaining Federal contracts.
Training Courses & Events
SBA Government Contracting Online Courses
Free online training programs designed to help you understand the government's contracting process.

GSA Training Programs for Government Vendors
Seminars, workshops, meetings, and other events held nationwide to support small businesses interested in obtaining a GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract.

GSA Center for Acquisition Excellence
An online e-learning site that provides free training on GSA acquisition policies.

GSA Vendor Support Center
Offers training to help vendors learn how to sell their products and services to the federal government.
For additional in-person training opportunities, contact your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

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