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Resources for American Veterans

Resources for the people to whom we owe our freedom -- the United States Veterans.

Obama Signs Sweeping Veterans Care Law
What the Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012 does for US veterans.

Getting Veterans Back to Work
Two new tax credits for businesses that hire veterans, and three new resources from the Department of Labor are among the latest efforts of the Obama administration to help post-9/11 veterans get jobs.

Veteran-Owned Businesses Top 2 Million Mark
The United States had 2.4 million veteran-owned businesses in 2007, a total representing 9% of all businesses nationwide, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

VA-HUD Issue First-Ever Homeless Veterans Report
On any given night in 2009, nearly 76,000 U.S. veterans were homeless, while at least 136,000 veterans spent at least one night that year in a homeless shelter, according to a first-ever report on homeless veterans issued by the VA and HUD.

Veterans Day
Veterans Day reminds Americans that our freedom is anything but free. It has been earned and protected by generations of Veterans.

VA Details Plan to End Homelessness Among Veterans
Hoping to marshal the powers of the government, business and the private sector, Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) Eric K. Shinseki has outlined the VA’s five-year plan to end homelessness among Veterans.

About the DD-214
How to request a copy of the Veterans' Military records form DD-214.

Facts About U.S. Veterans: 2005
The U.S. Census Bureau offers revealing facts about U.S. veterans in 2005.

VA Ends Laser Eye Surgery by Optometrists
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has ended a five-month-old policy that permitted optometrists to perform laser eye surgery at its health care facilities under the supervision of ophthalmologists.

VA to Offer Veterans Chiropractic Care
For the first time in the VA's history, veterans will be able to receive certified chiropractic care at 26 selected Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities beginning this fall, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi has announced.

The DD-214: Get Your Military Records
This form is issued to Veterans by the DoD. You cannot download it, or request it online, but you can get a copy. Here's information on how.

How to Apply for a VA Home Loan
Aside from the veteran's certificate of eligibility and the VA-assigned appraisal, the application process is not much different than any other type of mortgage loan. From your About.com Guide.

Veterans’ Day – ‘Freedom is Not Free’
To honor each of the over 48 million Americans who have served in the U.S. military with honor and pride, during war and peace since 1776, Veterans’ Day – November 11 – is for you.

VA Reaches Out to Newest Combat Veterans
Responding to a lesson from the Gulf War, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has launched a massive effort to reach out to Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans to make sure they are aware of benefits they have earned.

VA Seeks Volunteers to Inventory Cemeteries
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is seeking volunteers to research and photograph monuments in its 120 national cemeteries and 33 soldiers lots. Want to volunteer?

VA Set to Add 6 New National Veterans Cemeteries
With a recent authorization to establish six new national cemeteries by 2008, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has begun the largest expansion of these national shrines since the Civil War.

Veterans Administration Gets Record Budget for 2004
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will receive a record budget of $64 billion for the current fiscal year, up $4.2 billion from the previous spending level.

Military Life Insurance Premiums Reduced
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will reduce Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) premiums, beginning in July 2003. Ninety-eight percent of active duty and 96 percent of eligible reservists hold SGLI policies.

When the Check’s NOT In the Mail
Anxiously, you open the mailbox every day, but that government check is still not there. An annoyance for most, missing benefit checks can be a critical problem for persons on fixed incomes. Find out what to when that check just will not come.

VA Home Page
The VA's gateway to all services and information for veterans.

VA Email Directory
Ask your VA benefit questions via email with this handy locator for all VA regional offices.

VA Home Loan Program
Helping veterans and active duty personnel purchase and retain homes in recognition of their service to the Nation.

Forms – VA Home Loan Services
Many of the forms have multiple pages. To complete a form, you need to download all its pages. These forms are in the PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).

Are You Eligible for a VA Home Loan?
Find out here.

VA – Health Benefits & Services
Forms, eligibility, services, VA health facilities location and more. VA a offers broad spectrum of medical, surgical, and rehabilitative care to its customers.

Forms – VA Health System
Hundreds of them. You must have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these forms. It helps to know the name and / or number of the forms you need.

VA – Compensation & Pension Services
VA administers a variety of benefits and services for veterans, their dependents and survivors, including, but not limited to: service-connected compensation, DIC, non-service connected pension, burial & accrued benefits, guardianship and public contact services.

Forms – VA Compensation & Pensions
These forms are updated often. If you experience difficulty reading or interpreting either the form or instructions, please call your local VA office on the toll free 1-800-827-1000 and hard copies of the respective form can be mailed to you.

VA – Education Benefits
The GI Bill Web Site. All the information and forms you need are here.

VA – Life Insurance
VA insurance programs were developed to provide insurance benefits for veterans and servicemembers who may not be able to get insurance from private companies.

VA – Burial and Memorial Benefits
Burial benefits available include a gravesite in any of our 119 national cemeteries with available space, opening and closing of the grave, perpetual care, a Government headstone or marker, a grave liner for casketed remains, a burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate, at no cost to the family. Complete information is here.

VA – Appeals Process
The Board of Veterans' Appeals (also known as "BVA" or "the Board") is a part of the VA, located in Washington, D.C. Members of the Board review benefit claims determinations made by local VA offices and issue decision on appeals.

American War Dead
The American Battle Monument Commission maintains this list honoring every American who has given their life in battle. Includes lists from the Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

Q&A on Interment in a National Cemetery
The process and eligibility for having a Veteran buried in a National Cemetery.

House Committee on Veterans' Affairs
The powerful House of Representatives committee that looks out for the interests of Veterans in the law-making process.

The Virtual Wall - Vietnam Memorial
All 58,196 names with detailed information and audio remembrances on a wonderful Web site. "...Never forget the names, the names, the names - for they hold the answer."

Vietnam - Echoes From the Wall
More than 6,000 official documents, digital images, newspaper clippings, audio files and video clips about the key events and important figures of the Vietnam War era.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
A great site from the National Parks Service. Includes pictorial coverage, history, and design of the VVM, a guide to locating Veterans' names, and much more.

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