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2004 Presidential Campaign Contributions by Industry


2004 Presidential campaign contributions to George W. Bush (R) and John Kerry (D) by industrial sector:

Contributions reported to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) through July 5, 2004. Totals are based on contributions from PACs (Political Action Committees) and individuals giving $200 or more.


Bush: $3,937,700
Kerry: $374,650

Defense Sector

Bush: $654,988
Kerry: $173,421

Energy and Natural Resources

Bush: $3,938,588
Kerry: $372,842


Kerry: $105,825
Bush: $46,150


Bush: $7,305,421
Kerry: $1,204,781

Industry (civil servants, clergy, education, non-profits, retired)

Bush: $21,429,865
Kerry: $14,826,559

Communications and Electronics

Kerry: $4,979,932
Bush: $4,426,006

Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Bush: $28,169,889
Kerry: $7,890,906

Health Care

Bush: $8,527,909
Kerry: $3,405,107

Lawyers and Lobbyists

Kerry: $12,812,930
Bush: $10,621,326


Bush: $4,045,459
Kerry: $381,420

Miscellaneous Business

Bush: $16,937,976
Kerry: $6,266,083

[Figures courtesy of Center for Responsive Politics]

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