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Yeah, Obama Does the Facebook Thing

And Twitter, Myspace and YouTube, too


Everybody knows about the official White House website. But did you know Barack Obama has taken to social networking like no other U.S. politician? It's true. Obama is on Facebook. The administration is making good use of YouTube and friending folks on Myspace, too.

Yes, it's even Twittering. Or Tweeting. Or whatever.

So where can you find the commander-in-chief online?

Here's a handy guide to all of Obama's official social-network accounts:

1. Obama on Facebook

The president's official Facebook account is at www.facebook.com/WhiteHouse. Before you go spouting off about Obama's policies, though, be forewarned: "Comments posted on and messages received through White House pages are subject to the Presidential Records Act and may be archived," the White House cautions. Hint: You can also check out live action at the White House here

2. Obama on Twitter

The president's official Twitter account is at twitter.com/whitehouse. The White House uses the popular microblogging service to send out short bursts of timely information, such as: "Congressional Gold Medal granted to 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team from WWII."

3. Obama on Flickr

The president's official Flickr account is at flickr.com/whitehouse. My favorite of Obama's social-network accounts, this one takes you on a guided photo tour of some of the most important and lighthearted moments in history - from his trip to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan to his appearance on ABC's "The View."

4. Obama on Myspace

The president's official Myspace account is at www.myspace.com/whitehouse. Here you'll find blog posts from the White House staff, as well as videos and pictures. Not to mention Tom, who is everybody's favorite Myspace pal.

5. Obama on YouTube

The White House's official channel on YouTube is at www.youtube.com/whitehouse. Here you'll find footage of the Obama's weekly radio addresses, as well as important news conferences and speeches. The White House maintains a similar channel using Vimeo's service.

6. Obama on SlideShare

If it's White House documents you're looking for, the place to go is its account on SlideShare, at www.slideshare.net/whitehouse. The administration posts translations of presidential speeches and other records here. Looking for a Persian transcript of Obama's speech in Cairo? Yep. It's here.

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