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US House of Representatives Agenda

113th U.S. Congress -- January 3, 2013 to January 3, 2015


Note: The agenda of the House of Representatives is subject to change by the presiding officer.

About the House of Representatives
The United States is a large, fractured, diverse and yet still unified nation, and few government bodies reflect the paradox that is this country better than the House of Representatives.

Republicans currently hold 232 seats, Democrats hold 200 seats and 3 seats are vacant.

Note: The items for consideration listed here are those published in the Daily Digest of the Congressional Record. Other items may be considered at the discretion of the chair.

House Agenda - July 28, 2014: To be announced.

The rules of suspensions is a shortcut in the legislative process allowing bills with little or no opposition to be grouped together on a "Suspensions Calendar" and passed en-masse by a voice vote without debate. There is no corresponding rule in the Senate.


Senate Agenda

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