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    US Government Spotlight10

    Obama Bans AK-47 From Importation Into US

    In an expansion of Ukraine-related financial sanctions against Russia, President Obama has banned the importation of AK-47 assault rifles into the US.

    Agencies Warn of Concussion Prevention and Treatment Claims

    As Football kicks off, two federal agencies are warning of possible false advertising for products claiming to prevent or treat concussions.

    US Chemical Security Program ‘Near Total-Failure,’ Senator Says

    Not even $600 million from taxpayers has prevented the US Chemical Security Program from being a ‘near-total failure,’ reports a US Senator.

    Lawmakers Back Inspectors’ Lawful Right to Agency Records

    Top lawmakers agree that many federal agencies are violating a law ensuring the inspectors general timely and unrestricted access to their records.

    Honey, the Government Shrank Itself

    Want less government? Well just sit back and watch as the increasing rate of attrition in the ranks of federal employees does the job for you.

    Cost to Raise a Baby Now $245,340, USDA Reports

    Raising a baby born in 2013 to age 18 will cost a middle-income family about $245,340, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Parents, Please Urge Your Kids to Work for the Feds

    Few if any kids are interested in becoming US government employees, but a federal worker union is asking parents to try talking them into it.

    Due to Budget Cuts, Social Security Cuts Services

    Social Security’s budget-driven cuts in office hours have greatly reduced levels of services to customers, federal inspector general reports.

    US Officials Released 617 Convicted Illegal Immigrants

    Facing budget cuts, US immigration officials released over 600 undocumented immigrants who had been convicted of crimes, inspector general finds.

    FDA Warns of Fake Ebola Treatment Products

    The FDA is warning consumers to beware of ads for products falsely claiming to treat or prevent the Ebola virus.

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