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Bill Would Legalize Strain of Medical Marijuana Nationwide

This bill would legalize nationwide the use of a marijuana extract and a non-high inducing strain of marijuana found effective in treating epilepsy.

The ‘Yellow Pages’ Scam Keeps on Taking

Canadian telemarketing firms are now attacking US small businesses with the tried, true and dangerous old “Yellow Pages” scam, according to the FTC.

Facts About That Bill ‘Suing’ President Obama

Exactly what did President Obama do that has House Republicans ready to pass a bill authorizing John Boehner to sue him?

Where the Feds are Keeping the Immigrant Kids

Where the U.S. government is keeping the up to 90,000 unaccompanied immigrant kids from Central America, for how long and at what cost to taxpayers.

Just Doing Its Duty, Congress Takes Every August Off

Believe it or not, the month-long summer break the U.S. Congress takes every August is required, not by the Constitution, but by a federal law.

FedEx Indicted for Shipping Illegal Drugs

DEA charges FedEx has knowingly shipped prescription drugs from illegal online pharmacies to drug dealers and addicts since 2000.

GAO Finds Weakness in Top Secret Background Checks

The GAO tells Congress that key government agencies make it far too easy for people to get security clearance to handle top-secret information.

FTC Calls for Regulation of Data Brokers

Behind your back, data brokers learn more about you than your family and friends know, and then sell it. That says the FTC, needs federal regulation.

FDA Warns Against Powdered Pure Caffeine Use

You can buy it in bulk over the internet, but using 100% pure powdered caffeine can kill you, warns the FDA.

Amazon Pushes Back on FAA Drone Delivery Ban

Amazon has requested an exemption from the FAA’s proposed rule banning the use of drone aircraft for commercial package delivery services.

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