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Did Americans Once Salute Hitler?


Once upon a time, Americans reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag looked very much like they were saluting German dictator Adolph Hitler. What was up with that?

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GAO Finds Weakness in Top Secret Background Checks

The GAO tells Congress that key government agencies make it far too easy for people to get security clearance to handle top-secret information.

FTC Calls for Regulation of Data Brokers

Behind your back, data brokers learn more about you than your family and friends know, and then sell it. That says the FTC, needs federal regulation.

FDA Warns Against Powdered Pure Caffeine Use

You can buy it in bulk over the internet, but using 100% pure powdered caffeine can kill you, warns the FDA.

Amazon Pushes Back on FAA Drone Delivery Ban

Amazon has requested an exemption from the FAA’s proposed rule banning the use of drone aircraft for commercial package delivery services.

Another Scandal Haunts the VA

Congress learns that the VA has been falsely creating an “appearance of success” in processing overdue benefit claims by simply changing their dates.

Born in Canada, Can Ted Cruz Run for President?

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) openly acknowledges that he was born in Canada. Could that prevent him from running for president in 2016?

Beware of Automatic Bank Account Debit Scams

And now, scamming telemarketers have come up with a way to simply steal money straight from consumers’ checking accounts, warns the FTC.

Teach Your Kids Not to Fear Nature, Feds Urge

A generation of sheltered wimps is rearing a new generation of sheltered wimps, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

FTC: Amazon Illegally Charged Parents for Kid’s Purchases

The FTC has filed suit to force Amazon to pay back millions for mobile game app purchases made by kids without their parents’ knowledge or approval.

US Embassy in Kabul Becoming Costly Headache

Ongoing contract problems will result in 24% increase in cost to expand US embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, GAO reports.

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