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U.S. Supreme Court Report
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All Recent Decisions - From Cornell's Legal Information Institute

Court Splits Decisions On Ten Commandments
June 27, 2005 -- In two 5-4 decisions, the Supreme Court ruled today that the display of the Ten Commandments is constitutionally acceptable in the Texas capitol building, but not in a Kentucky courthouse.

Supreme Court Backs Government Power to Seize Private Land
June 23, 2005 -- In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled as constitutional the eminent domain powers of city governments to seize privately owned land, homes and buildings when necessary to make way for private developments, like malls, housing developments and office parks.

Supreme Court Allows Prosecution of Medical Marijuana Users (CNN)
June 6, 2005 -- In a 6-3 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court has rule that federal law can be used to prevent doctors from prescribing marijuana for treatment of pain caused by serious illnesses, including cancer.

Court Backs Religious Rights of Prisoners
June 1, 2005 -- In a case brought by a witch and Satanist, the U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the constitutionality of a federal law requiring prisons to accommodate the religious practices and beliefs of inmates.  

Court Rules States Cannot Bar Out-of-State Wine Shipments (CNN)
May 16, 2005 -- In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot bar consumers from shipping home wine purchased from out-of-state vineyards they visit in person or on the Internet. As many as 24 states will now have to revise their laws on out-of-state wine shipments. 

Court Considers Ten Commandment Displays (CNN)
March 3, 2005 -- The Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases appealing whether or not the display of the Ten Commandments on government property represented an unconstitutional endorsement of religion under the First Amendment. (Also See: The Six Constitutional Commandments)

Supreme Court Strikes Down Juvenile Death Penalty (CNN) 
March 1, 2005 -- In another 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional execution of killers who were under 18 when they committed their crimes.

Supreme Court Rules Federal Sentencing System Wrongly Applied
January 13, 2005 -- In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ordered sweeping changes to the manner in which federal judges have been sentencing some 60,000 defendants per year. In issuing their split decision, the Justices ruled that the manner in which judges have been adding time the defendant's prison stays is unconstitutional.

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Keeping name from police can be crime, court rules

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Supreme Court considers minors and Miranda 
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