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Florida Electors

As named in joint resolution in Florida Legislature
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The following is a list of the 25 Florida residents named as electors for George W. Bush in the joint resolution being considered by the Florida Legislature. It is the same list of electors already certified and submitted by the State of Florida to the National Archives on Nov. 26, 2000.  

Charles W. Kane
Maria De La Milera
Sandra M. Faulkner
H. Gary Morse
Armando Codina, 
Carole Jean Jordan
Tom Slade
Marsha Nippert
Robert L. Woody
John Thrasher
Mel Martinez
Feliciano M. Foyo
Al Hoffman
Alfred S. Austin
Thomas C. Feeney, III
John M. McKay
Cynthia M. Handley
Darryl K. Sharpton
Dr. Adam W. Herbert
Berta J. Moralejo
Jeanne Barber Godwin
Deborah L. Brooks
Dr. Dorsey C. Miller
Glenda E. Hood
Dawn Guzzetta

The joint resolution naming the above electors was passed 79-41 by the Florida House of Representatives on Dec. 12 and may be considered by the Florida Senate on Dec. 13.

Complete Text of Resolution naming Florida Electors

Image of original Certificates of Ascertainment as filed with National Archives
(Includes electors' addresses.)


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