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Issues, Organizations, and Interest Groups

Pick an issue. Pick an opinion. Congratulations! There's an online organization that agrees with you.

The Issues:

Affirmative Action
Campaign / Political Reform
Euthanasia (Right-to-Die)
Gay Rights
Gun Control
Health Care
Military / Veterans
Social Security
Taxes / Taxation
Women's' Issues
World Trade

Abortion - Pro Choice

Abortion on Demand & Without Apology!
California Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League
Emily's List (PAC)
National Abortion Federation
National Abortion Rights Action League
Planned Parenthood
Republicans for Choice PAC
Voters For Choice
Zero Population Growth

Abortion - Pro Life

Feminists for Life
Libertarians for Life
National Coalition for Life and Peace
National Right to Life
Operation Rescue National
Pro-Life Alliance of Gays & Lesbians
Republican National Coalition for Life
Susan B. Anthony List (PAC)
Ultimate Pro-Life Resource Page (Links Index)

Affirmative Action - Pro

Affirmative Action & Diversity Project
American Association for Affirmative Action
Americans United for Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action - Anti

American Civil Rights Institute
Center for Equal Opportunity
Center for Individual Rights

Campaign / Political Reform

Alliance for Better Campaigns Promotes public awareness of campaign issues
Americans Back In Charge Foundation
Supports Term Limits
Benton Foundation: Destination Democracy Liberal - for Finance Reform
Brookings Institute: Campaign Finance Reform
Cato Handbook for Congress Libertarian, Pro-Free Speech
Center for Public Integrity Against Political Corruption
Center for Responsive Politics Campaign Finance
Center for Voting & Democracy Supports Proportional Representation
Common Cause Political Reform Organization
Democracy 2000 Supports Interactive Democracy
1Man1Vote.com Districting Reform
Public Campaign Supports Campaign Finance Reform
State PIRGs: Campaign Finance Reform
US Term Limits Foundation Supports Term Limits
Voters for None of the Above Ballot Reform
Voting Integrity Project Anti-Vote Fraud

Drugs - Pro Decriminalization

Common Sense for Drug Policy
Drug Reform Coordination Network
Drug Policy Foundation
Medical Marijuana Magazine
National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML)
November Coalition

Drugs - Anti-Drug

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information
Office of National Drug Control Policy
Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Project kNOw


American Federation of Teachers
Center for Education Reform Conservative
Educational Excellence Network Conservative
Educational Resources Information Center Government Resource
EdWeb Liberal Index
National Education Association Teachers' Union
Partnership for Public Education Liberal
SchoolReport.com Conservative
Separation of School & State Alliance Libertarian

Environment - Pro Environmental Control

Common Purpose Institute For Energy & Environmental Solutions
Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network
Environmental Defense Fund
League of Conservation Voters
Natural Resources Defense Council
Republicans for Environmental Protection
Sierra Club
Wilderness Society
Zero Population Growth

Environment - Pro Property Owners' Rights

Alliance for America
American Land Rights Association
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Competitive Enterprise Institute
National Forestry Association
Northwest Timber Workers Resource Council
Political Economy Research Center
Stewards of Family Farms, Ranches & Forests

Euthanasia ("Right-to-Die") - Pro

Choice In Dying
Compassion in Dying
Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization
Hemlock Society USA

Euthanasia ("Right-to-Die") - Anti

Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia (CURE)
Physicians Against Euthanasia

Gay Rights - Pro

Freedom to Marry Coalition Supports gay marriages
Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Veterans Association
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund
Human Rights Campaign
Independent Gay Forum Libertarians and conservatives
Log Cabin Republicans
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association
Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
Planet Out: NewsPlanet
Queer Resources Directory
Turn Out!

Gay Rights - Anti

American Family Association
Exodus International
Family Research Council
Focus on the Family
Forerunner International: Homosexuality
Traditional Values Coalition

Gun Control - For Gun Control

Childrens Defense Fund: Safe Start!
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Potomac Institute
Violence Policy Center

Gun Control - Against Gun Control

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms
Firearms & Liberty
Gun Links Pro gun web index
Gun Owners of America
National Rifle Association (NRA)
NCPA: Crime & Gun Control
Second Amendment Foundation

Health Care

American Medical Association
American Public Health Association
Families USA
Health Insurance Association of America
Idea Central: Health Policy
Institute for Health Freedom
Physicians for a National Health Program
Project Healthy Choice


American Immigration Control Foundation
Center for Immigration Studies
Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
Immigration Forum
National Immigration Forum
Urban Institute

Labor - Pro Union

George Meany Center for Labor Studies
IGC: Labornet

Industrial Workers of the World ("Wobblies")
Union Resource Network

Labor - Anti Union

Heritage Foundation: Labor Home Page
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation

Small Business Labor Watch
US Chamber of Commerce

Military / Veterans

American Friends Service Committee Pacifist
American Legion Veterans Organization
AntiWar.com Pacifist
Defense Link - US Department of Defense
Episcopal Peace Fellowship Pacifist
High Frontier Pro-Space Based Missile Defense System
International Action Center Pacifist
Jewish Peace Fellowship Pacifist
Joint Chiefs of Staff - US Military
Joint Vision 2010 - US Military
MilitaryCity.com - US Military
Military Spending Working Group Reduced Military Spending
National Defense University - US Military
National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objector Pacifist
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee Pacifist
Non-Violence Web Pacifist
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Military
Pax Christi USA Pacifist Organization
Veterans Administration US Veterans
Veterans for Peace Pacifist
Veterans of Foreign Wars US Veterans
War Resisters League Socialist Pacifist

Social Security

American Association of Retired Persons
Americans Discuss Social Security
Cato Institure: Project on Social Security Privatization Libertarian
Century Foundation: Social Security Network
Concord Coalition: Entitlement Reform
Economic Security 2000
National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare
National Council of Senior Citizens
New Century Alliance for Social Security Anti-Privatization
Opt Out! Pro-Privatization
Seniors Coalition
60 Plus Association
Social Security Administration US Government
Third Millennium
United Seniors Association
U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging US Government

Taxes / Taxation

Americans for Fair Taxation Supports National Sales Tax
Americans for Tax Reform Anti Income Tax
Death Tax Against the Inheritance Tax
National Taxpayers Union Conservatives for Tax Reform
Tax Payers for Reform Conservatives for Tax Reform

Womens' Issues

Center for the American Woman and Politics
Concerned Women of America Conservative
Directory of Women's Organizations Feminist Resource/Index
Eagle Forum Conservative
Family Research Council Conservative
Feminist.Com Index
Feminist Majority Foundation
GenderGap.com Index
Independent Women's Forum Conservative
League of Women Voters Non-Partisan
National Federation of Republican Women
National Organization for Women (NOW)
National Women's Political Caucus
RightGrrl Conservative

World Trade

The American Cause
Cato Center for Trade Policy Studies
Center for Strategic & International Studies
Economic Policy Institute
Economic Strategy Institute
Heritage Foundation: Foreign Policy
MAI Information Centre Online Index
Office of Trade & Economic Analysis Federal Government
Policy.com Issues Library: Trade Online Index
Public Citizen: Global Trade Watch

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