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President 2000:  Election Poll

About.com Poll
Which presidential candidate do you currently plan to vote for in the November election? (Candidates listed in alphabetical order.)

Harry Browne (Libertarian)
Pat Buchanan (Reform)
George W. Bush (Republican)
Al Gore (Democrat)
Dr. John Hagelin (Reform)
Ralph Nader (Green)
Howard Phillips (Constitution)
Other or Not Voting

Current Results

More About instant polls

Election 2000 Online Discussion Group
This is the place to discuss the candidates and issues of the 2000 Election. It is politics, so almost anything goes, 

Mighty Morphin' Presidential Candidates (US Politics)
Do you hate Bush or Gore, well here's your chance to do something about it. US Politics Guide John Aravosis has set up a page where you can mess with their photos online - it has no educational value whatsoever, and is loads of fun. Try it!

More Election Resources

Voter Information
Links for learning about elections and voting, and finding out who to vote for. 

Presidential Candidates' Web Sites 
The candidates have a lot of useful information online, but many of these sites will keep asking for a contribution.

Campaign Contribution Laws
And, if you decide to, how much can you legally contribute to a candidate?

The Electoral College System
We all vote on Nov. 7. Then on Dec. 18, the 538 men and women of the Electoral College will elect the next president. It sounds strange, but it works -- and you vote does count.

Local and State Election Resources
Find out about voting and politics in your neck of the woods from many of About.com's Cities and Towns Guides.

U.S. Senate Seats Up for Election
33 of 100 seats are up -- find out who's and where.

U.S. House Seats Up for Election
All 435 seats of the House are on the line.

State Governorships Up for Election
11 of the 50 Statehouses could change hands. Find out which ones.

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