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Clinton Targeting 'Bad Apple' Gun Dealers

Dateline: 02/04/2000

Citing figures from an ATF gun trafficking report indicating that only 1.2 percent (1,020) of the nation's 83,272 federally licensed gun dealers sold 57 percent of all guns used in crimes during 1998, President Clinton announced stepped up efforts to crack down on "bad apple" gun dealers.

Speaking from the White House on Friday morning, the President asked Congress to allow ATF agents to conduct up to three unannounced inspections per year of licensed gun dealers. Current law limits ATF to making only one such inspection per year.

According to Eric Liu, White House Deputy Domestic Policy Director, the President has also ordered ATF to conduct "focused inspections" of the 1,160 dealers who sold 10 or more guns used in crimes during 1999.

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ATF will also require tracing information of all sales of used guns from 450 licensed dealers who sold 10 or more guns used in crimes within three years of the sale.

In addition, ATF will propose new laws requiring all licensed dealers to report any inventory discrepancies or loss of guns in shipment to the bureau within 48 hours.

President Clinton also repeated his State of the Union Address appeal for a new law requiring picture-id licenses for all purchasers of handguns.

The President stressed that the majority of US gun dealers and arms manufacturers are concerned and highly responsible and appealed to them for help in stopping criminals from getting guns.

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