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Election 2000: Presidential Candidates on the Issues

Candidates' statements on 19 key social, economic, domestic, and international issues.

(Click on a candidate's name to see his statements on the issues, and a link to his campaign web site.)

As the campaign heats up, this site will be updated regularly, so check back often.

Also on US Government Info/Resources

Election 2000 Index
Links to these and other election resources on US Government Info/Resources and other About.com Guide Sites.

Local and State Election Resources
As compiled by About.com's Local Guides.

Political Parties
Links to the two major and six 3rd party web sites plus committees.

Interest Groups and Organizations
Choose your issue and opinion and look here to find a PAC, think tank, or interest group that agrees with you.

Candidates' Issues Web Pages
Handy links directly to the issues or platform statement pages of the candidates' web sites.

Online Straw Poll
Who would you vote for today? Over 312,00 votes and it's close!

US Senate Races
Incumbents include 19 Republicans and 14 Democrats. State-by-State Details.

US House Races
Incumbents include 223 Republicans, 211 Democrats, and 1 Independent. State-by-State details.

Governors Races
Incumbents include 4 Republicans and 7 Democrats. State-by-State details.

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