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The Clinton White House Web Site
Part 2: Preserving the Clinton White House Web site
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"12 years of republican presidents put our country deeply in debt. You certainly can't cut taxes and raise spending and expect to keep the country's head above water."

"I disagree that it was 12 years as Reagan only spent 8 as president and his only cause was the destruction of the Soviet Union."

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Already assigned the duty of collecting and preserving all government documents and items of historic importance, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) announced last week that it has preserved the Clinton White House Web site, along with a special one-time "snapshot" of the Web sites of the federal agencies as they were at the end of the Clinton Administration.

All four, fully-searchable versions of the White House Web site developed during the eight years of the Clinton Administration are now online. The four versions are: July 29, 1994 through August 25, 1995; August 25, 1995 through January 3, 1996; January 3, 1996 through July 21, 2000; and July 21, 2000 through January 20, 2001. Most, if not all of the information contained on the White House Web site at these times has been preserved and is fully searchable.

The White House Web site is part of the Clinton Presidential Materials Project and be based on the official Presidential materials that are held at the Clinton Project, located in Little Rock, AR.

The Clinton Project web page also includes an overview of the mission of the Project, a schedule for the release of records when they becomes available and links to President's Clinton's public papers on the Federal Register web site.

Through its Presidential library system, the National Archives preserves the official materials of Presidents, beginning with President Herbert Hoover. There are currently 10 libraries, the Nixon Presidential Materials Staff, and the Clinton Presidential Materials Project. The Clinton Project, located in Little Rock, AR, will temporarily house all of the officials materials from the Clinton Presidency until a permanent Presidential library is built.

Before January 20, 2001, Federal agencies will take a snapshot of their public sites and send the snapshot to the National Archives within 60 days. The web sites will become part of the National Archives of the United States and copies of the sites will be available to the public.

The Clinton-Gore Administration, through its promotion of the Internet, opened many doors to American government that had remained closed to the general public for years. Congratulations to the National Archives and Records Administration for keeping the doors of the Clinton White House Web site open and preserving a truly important part of America's history. 


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